Business properties $1,000 or more delinquent in property taxes


There are more than 200 business properties in Valencia County that are delinquent on property taxes. They cumulatively owe $1,518,657.50.
The following business properties are delinquent by $1,000 or more. In some instances, the property owner leases the property to a business but does not own the business.
This information was obtained from the county assessor’s public records on June 3, 2013. The amounts owed may have changed since then.
The businesses marked with a an asterisk (*) have entered into what is called a state contract – a repayment program with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department to ensure repayment of the back taxes in a fixed period of time.

*Center for Ageless Living/Senior Living Systems/Personal Living Systems/Garden Gate Day Spa and Salon/Green House Bistro and Bakery (Suzette Lindemuth)    $112,323.48 ($90,003.04 of that on state contract)

Adobe Flowers (Barbara Swadley)    $83,374.37

Auge Sales and Service Inc. and Auge Family Properties    $74,127.74

Francis Real Estate, LLC (Brad Francis)    $69,941.33

Frank R. Sanchez (old Mesa Motel in Belen)    $67,573.09

Valley Improvement Association (office building in Rio Communities)    $67,432.13

Cattleman’s Livestock Barn (Dennis Chavez)    $56,397.12

Two Minute Bar and Grill and Apodaca’s Liquor (Charles Apodaca)    $48,217.65

*Rozella Haynes (office building at 121 Don Diego St., Los Lunas    $40,799.75

PI Property Investments, LLC (formerly Mi Chanti Restaurant, Nora Walsh and Joseph Aragon) $34,207.44

Mesa Oil Inc. (20 Lucero Road)    $33,609.82

Safe Site Child Development, Inc. (Sarah and Felix Candelaria Jr.)    $23,212.76

Valencia County Fair Association    $20,159.37

Carol and Lawrence Romero (retail buildings at 480 I Rio Communities Blvd.)    $19,728.92

Los Lunas Animal Clinic (Donald MacDougal)    $19,631.65

*Century 21 Real Estate Office Champions, Inc. (Joe and Nancy Montoya Gonzales) $18,724.96

Advantage Ltd. Partnership (Plaza Grande in Los Lunas)    $18,295.76

Auto Parts and Services and Desert Blossom Title Service (Jim Davis and JLD Lmt.)    $18,281.55

Lasting Impressions (Roger Baldwin)    $17,669.54

Raul and Laura Cano (four properties in El Cerro Mission)    $25,026.56

SSG Investments LLC (Sean Salazar Gabaldon, the old Belen public health office)    $15,933.71

AJR Properties (121 Don Diego, Los Lunas, Thomas E. Brown III)    $15,595.16

Arrow Animal Hospital (Jerald Cosper)    $14,771.73

MAAE Properties LLC (Marcus Gallegos)    $14,369.45

The Trust for Public Land    $14,029.27

Creative Rock Gardens (Paula and Ralph Romero)    $13,752.78

Los Lunas Development LLC (2424 Main St. NE, Los Lunas)    $13,386.60

Romero’s Funeral Home (Richard and Suzanne Romero)    $13,207.88

Sierra Springs Assisted Living (Henry and Frances Johnson III)    $12,936.11

Tabet Lumber Company (Herman Tabet)    $12,727.64

Motor Car Mall (Mike Rouckus)    $12,546.95

Foxes LP Gas    $12,275.08

Ava Properties (Nora Walsh)    $12,259.58

The old Railroad Club, Belen (Manuel and Nattie Baca)    $12,256.15

Santa Socorro Mobile Home Park (Hilda Montano)    $12,083.95

Livie and Sons Glass (Livie Maestas)    $11,752.56

Rio Abajo Ltd. (apartments on Gerald Chavez Lane in Los Lunas)    $11, 440.84

Bethlehem Trading Post (Johnny and Lillian Griego)    $10,741.96

3 V’s LLC (old hotel in Rio Communities)    $10,418.97

Wright Daycare (Sandra Wright)    $10,178.69

AJ’s Cafe (Joseph Dan Large)    $10,058.06

Ben’s One Stop Auto Shop (Ernest and Sunday Cordova)    $9,593.26

Quality Restaurant Supply/Quality Ice (Lance D. Hess)    $8,810.51

Wild Horse Mesa Bar (Effie and Marie Marmon)    $8,754.64

River Road Storage (Dennis R. Sanchez)     $8,663.02

Laser Car Wash (Roy C. Lemons)    $8,635.02

Almacen Value Self Storage (RRM&I Los Lunas Ltd.)    $8,340.62

Sun Ranch Development Ltd. (Max Keihne)    $8,080.20

Charlie’s Country Barber Shop (Deborah and Charles Otero)    $7,190.16

Little Blessings Child Care and Preschool (Natalie Brown)    $7,172.29

Karen and Walter Barela (1044 Don Felipe Rd.)    $7,147.79

Super 8, Belen (Sheryl Mischel)    $6,739.57

Sam’s Water Express and Bosque Auto Glass (Mary Sue Hoesch)    $6,735.89

David Moya (674 Jarales Road)    $6,553.39

Maez Drilling (Patsy and Elias Maez)    $6,263.93

Husky Drilling (Charles Herrera)    $6,166.43

Kids Country Playhouse (Bertha Maxon Carter aka Snodgrass)    $5,893.73

El Mezquite Market (Bermudez Brothers)    $5,783.36

Josie and Melvin Cole (919 S. Main St. and 1109 S. Main St., Belen)    $5,760.60

Jerald and Joann Janecka (was J & J Drilling)    $5,454.54

Maria and Percy Yu (formerly Tommy’s Lounge)    $5,210.29

Optical Express (Daniel J. and Barbara A. Dieterichs)    $5,099.54

Sun Ranch Pet Hospital    $4,961.74

Belen Self Storage (Bobby Buttram)    $4,830.56

David Guerrera Jr. (1020 Cypress Crt.)    $4,638.47

Bad to the Bone Clothing (Richard and Lisa Flowers)    $4,560.61

Aviation Unlimited (Dickie Romero)    $4,533,53

Tiger Lube LLC (Yolanda and Christopher Garcia)    $4,533.50

Ham LLC (221 N.M. 314 SW )    $4,423.63

ADY Self Storage (Oscar S. Castaneda)    $4,191.34

Joe and Hilda Hildago (19241 N.M. 314)    $4,161.60

Richard (Dickie) and Suzanne Romero    $4,042.50

Burritos Alinstante in Los Lunas (Mary Ellen Chavez)    $4,030.17

Clear Choice Windows (Elias, Manual and Manuelita Martinez)    $4,002.87

Henrietta’s Restaurant (Henrietta E. Rigoni)    $3,993.33

Robert and Patricia Gomez (3378 N.M. 47)    $3,906.41

Georgia A. Scovill (11 Lorraine Ln.)    $3,782.79

Davis Floral (Dale and Ruth Davis)    $3,726.12

Maria and Vivian Sisneros (2330 Roldan Dr.)    $3,671.93

Super Suds (The Julia Milch Trust)    $3,564.46

Kelly Liquors (formerly the Long Horn Saloon)    $3,533.12

Loyal Order of the Moose Inc. (La Merced Lodge 2550)    $3,516.09

Leo’s Beef Jerky (Alice and Leo Montaño Jr.)    $3,474.57

Robert and Carolyn Lovato (410 Bosque Farms Blvd.)    $3,337.82

Cynthia Denise and William Martin (325 S. Main St.)    $3,254.85

Rick and Ramona Gonzales    $3,194.48

Haltom Family Limited Partnership (719 Main St. SW)    $3,194.40

Consuelo Baca Trustee (Lardner Properties)    $3,158.76

Garden Fresh Market (Dorothy and Billy Jones)    $3,149.00

Lonnie, David, Jeffrey and Julian Trujillo    $2,976.79

Ray and Elma Alanis (501 Dalies Ave.)    $2,969.13

EBR Limited Partnership (1670 Bosque Farms Blvd.)    $2,884.28

Michael and Carree Connelly (362 La Entrada)    $2,809.10

United Propane Inc. (1338 Frontage Road)    $2,765.35

Garley’s Bar (Bob Garley)    $2,717.29

J Light LLC (159 La Entrada Rd.)    $2,706.80

Security Escrow-Valencia County (Richard and Marsha Thom and Larry and Lilly Buchmiller) $2,667.35

Adaptive Personal Care Services    $2,557.74

George J. Koch    $2,540.60

Copy Fax Store (Kent and Mary Saul)    $2,477.27

Delia Garde (415 Luna Ave.)    $2,441.10

Lazerwash of Bosque Farms (Eric and Monica Aragon)    $2,377.60

Boardwalk Gymnastics (Salvador and Christine Martinez)    $2,336.02

Richard and Yvonne Padilla (200 Calle de las Familias)    $2,232.48

Francisco’s Marble (Francisco and Mercedes Santacruz Sr.)    $2,140.11

Fernando and Lydia Cordova Chavez (528 Becker Ave.)    $2,082.05

Sunset Foods-Beef Jerky (Francisco Arellano)    $2,001.99

Rosemary Gilbert Griego (1003 S. Main St.)    $1,971.06

Belen Custom Marble (Dagoberto and Miriam Ruiz)     $1,930.49

Adelbert Phillips and Andy Norman (1651 Main St. SW) $1,916.86

CMVG LLC (Samantha McKinney)    $1,855.89

Elizabeth de Lira (3380 N.M. 47)    $1,844.44

Rosaline and Andrew Tenorio (201 Stover Rd. SE)    $1,840.52

Dennis M. Romero    $1,784.20

Mary J. and Clarence Murray (407 Horner St.)    $1,737.17

Benito Quezada (144 Monterey Blvd.)    $1,646.28

Sun Dance Inc.    $1,625.92

Hair Innovations (Barbara and Ronnie Torres)    $1,589.45

Accutrak (Robert, Donald and Larry Gibson)    $1,583.89

Wayne Baca (103 Main St. SE)    $1,531.80

Lardner Properties     $1,529.68

Janet and Ronald Huth (235 Bosque Farms Blvd.)    $1,507.98

DW McCarty LLC (19532 N.M. 314)    $1,446.96

Leo and Louisa Gabaldon (312 Vista Larga)    $1,423.47

El Cerro Road Auto Salvage (Luna @ 263 South LLC)    $1,376.55

Pet ER LLC    $1,340.23

Don and Becky McCain (150 Becky Crt.)    $1,337.35

Robert D. And Rebecca Hargrove    $1,299.77

River Holdings LLC (301 A Rio Communities Blvd.)    $1,270.45

Adam’s Market (Fadi and Amanda Khalil)    $1,262.95

Subway, Belen (JK Twohig)    $1,209.39

JKA Enterprises LLC (407 E. Reinken)    $1,208.18

R & R Glass LLC    $1,164.84

Sam and Sylvia C. Montoya    $1,052.57