Letters to the editor (06/13/13)


Note of thanks from the judge
I wanted to take a moment to recognize the selfless individuals who were instrumental in my campaign effort: Steve and Patricia Gregor & family, Tody and Gloria Perea, Frank Benavidez, Madeline Benavidez, Casey and Beverly Luna, Pavlos and Nicki Panagopoulos and family, Senator Michael Sanchez, Tom and Marilyn Weiland, Michael and Lesli Vallejos and family, Dale and Betty Perea and family, Richard and Susan Henderson, Daniel and Deborah Benavidez and family, Rick Garcia, and each and every person who supported me, in any capacity, during my successful bid for Municipal Judge.
Without their tireless help and unwavering faith, I wouldn’t have had a chance.
For each of you, I am eternally grateful and wish to extend my heartfelt thanks.

Heather R. Benavidez
Municipal Judge
Rio Communities

El Ranchito grateful for help
El Ranchito wants to thank Kerry Trujillo and Nikki Golina at Crown Boutique, and Johnna Torres at The Luna Mansion for the Sunday brunch fundraiser they had for us on April 14.
Tickets were sold out, and they raised $500 for the kids at El Ranchito. El Ranchito does not get state or federal funding, so every penny raised by caring people makes a difference.
I also want to thank them for bringing the awareness of who we are to the Los Lunas community.
El Ranchito is your neighbor and we provide a home for at-risk kids. We would be happy to take anyone who wants to learn more about us on a tour of our home.
Visit us at www.elranchitonm.org
Stop by and check out the beautiful things at Crown Boutique, and don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at The Luna Mansion.

Kathy Mechenbier

Recycling event a success
The Great American Recycling Event was a huge success. Keep Los Lunas Clean and Beautiful held a recycling event on April 20, in conjunction with the solid waste department.
The event took place at the Village Solid Waste Recycling drop off on Don Pasqual. New Mexico Computer Recyclers was on site to collect all electronics.
This time the count went overboard — there were 219 cars that went through.
Our glass-crushing machine has really served its purpose.  Many people were still coming after we closed.
Thanks to all the staff that were there to assist customers with unloading their recyclables — Jim Rickey, Rudy Archuleta, Marcus Montoya, Daniel Chavez, Anthony White, Arturo Romero, Roberto Chavariz, Joshua Chavez, Ray Marquez, Adolph Lopez, Mark Aguilar, Joe Garcia, Lori Kurtz and Debra Candelaria.
The recycling event took place from 8 a.m. to noon. The glass will be used for landscaping purposes. Lunch was provided to all working staff.
The next recycling event will take place Nov. 16 for America Recycling Event.  That will also be from 8 a.m. to noon.
Thanks to all the residents who have taken recycling serious in helping to make and keep our environment cleaner.

Marie Marquez
Village of Los Lunas

Trash haulers should be local
When I first heard about the county wanting to require all residents of (unincorporated) Valencia County to have waste removal services, I thought it was a great idea.
There is a need for a way to clean up household waste building up in yards.
The first concern I have is Valencia County needs to hear the residents’ feelings on the subject. There are a lot of people who have trouble keeping food on their tables, much less pay for trash services or fines for noncompliance to a new ordinance.
The second concern is what I did not know, which is that Valencia County would be telling me who I would have to do business with, without the resident’s input.
I have lived in Valencia County for nearly 20 years in the unincorporated areas and have had trash pickup services for all of those years.
Many years ago, I was with a local company that did a great job and Valencia County shut them down over franchise disputes and was forced to use Waste Management.
I had billing problems with them constantly and a couple of times every year they would raise their fuel and surcharge costs.
This is ridiculous, you cannot tell me that it costs $10 per cart to drive from my house to the next-door neighbor 80 feet away.
Some residents have two carts so that is $20 on top of the regular billing for service.
Valencia County finally allowed local companies again to furnish the same service but at a much lower rate and so I switched to AC Disposal.
I was so happy because they give great service and never a hassle and they are a local company and live in our own area.
Now Valencia County is trying to force me to switch back to Waste Management again.
This is a non-local business and higher rates.
AC Disposal, New Mexico Disposal and Valley Disposal are all local businesses that will be extremely hurt by the Waste Management take over. How will this affect their employees that live and work in Valencia County?
Why can’t Valencia County require waste removal for all residents but let the residents choose who they want to use?
I for one want to support local businesses. Valencia County tells us to buy local and support our small businesses — let’s give it a try. We will all be happier.

Dee Towndrow
Los Lunas