Letters to the editor (06/27/13)


His adventures of just crossing the street
I was at the corner of Don Pasqual and Main Street in Los Lunas during rush hour. I just darn couldn’t get across the street!
It was a cold day. Then I got really stubborn. I said to myself that I was going to get across that darn street or else freeze to death right there at the corner.
I don’t know how many times I pushed that “walk” button. Finally, out of the blue, an opening popped up and I sailed across. I counted by lucky stars.

Martin Frank Kirtley
Los Lunas

Three strikes and you’re out
I hope someone authority reads this letter and investigates the service of our bus system, Rio Metro.
Their business appears to be riding endlessly empty of passengers and screwing up appointments. I would if I was that person in authority begin to fix this problem by firing every single employee in the office and then start over.
I am a fair man. I am also a disabled man, who gave Rio Metro three chances to do their job, simply by picking me up at a prearranged (with 24-hour notice) and taking me to Walmart.
Simple, right? Well, they failed me miserably each time. The service from Rio Metro is the worst I’ve ever seen.
And their condescending attitude on the telephone just compounds the failure of their miserable service.
Someone, please investigate this sham. Federal, state or local funding is being wasted, and changes must be made to give the community a proper transportation system.
Incompetence is the answer. That, and a snotty attitude towards its customers.
By the way, I walked with a wheelchair over to the newspaper office, ensuring I’d get there eventually.
Fancy buses, lousy service. Let’s see some improvement, please!

Richard Kossuth

Bus system needs some help
Many communities in New Mexico have rich histories and are beautiful places to visit. They, however, welcome visitors and make their towns friendly by offering gas stations, restaurants, food stores, gift shops, etc.
I probably should not even respond to this letter, but I will because there was one statement from Mrs. Padilla-Gutierrez that was true. After hearing the slander from her and her small group of followers, I was quite upset.
I erroneously allowed that to show when I very quietly (as I left the room) did say that Tomé was a pit. I was wrong to say that I apologize to the people of Tomé.
In (a recent) letter, I did say that I know people in Tomé and that they are fine folks.
That one statement from her was the only thing in the entire letter that was true. Though there is much more that I could say, I won’t follow her example and I want her to know that God forgives those who ask.

Alice Torwirt
Rio Communities

BFE PTC is outstanding
Permit me to avail myself of the opportunity to offer my warm and sincere congratulations to the staff and the Parent-Teacher Committee at the Bosque Farms Elementary School for the pre-kindergarten program they conducted this year. Outstanding!
I was particularly impressed by the fact that they did not stand with hat in hand waiting for funds from Washington, our legislature or the school district.
The PTC picked up the ball and ran with it and, frankly, did a superb job.  As a result of their unselfish efforts, my grandson and other youngsters who participated will be better prepared to enter the education system next school year.
It is my hope that this extraordinary display of initiative and caring will catch on at other schools and school districts.
The Bosque Farms Elementary School and the PTC proved we do not have to wait for government to throw funds at the system in order to improve education.
Keep up the good work!

John Lopez
Bosque Farms

We don’t need a legal war
In article in the April 18 edition of the News-Bulletin titled “Belen officials to file injunction over LL hospital resolution,” we are told that Belen is seeking to prevent further distribution of the village’s resolution, comparing the two projects.
In the article, (Councilor Jerah) Cordova complains that Los Lunas isn’t focusing its attention on its project, but instead pursuing a promo campaign by hiring marketing managers, etc.
What he doesn’t mention is that an un-level playing field requires un-level tactics. Because of the hastilty-approved JPA with the county commission, the mill levy has been sequestered for Belen instead of being made equally available to both companies. This is why Los Lunas can’t just focus on its project as though things were even across the board.
It is understandable that Belen is upset, but a court action is ill-considered. Once the door is open to entering into litigation, this could start a chain reaction of lawsuit. Commissioner Mary Andersen already proposed an official county comparison list by presenting both hospitals with a questionnaire. It would be hard for Belen to complain about that before a district judge.
A far better plan would be for Belen to come up with its own promotional campaign. If the city is going to have a taxpayer-friendly project that has verified feasibility and a plan to add satellite facilities, it should focus on proving that to the citizens instead of trying to get the district court to muffle something that is already in the public record.
When a governmental entity wants to stifle the free speech of another governmental entity, the case could get very messy. This will only cause more delays and division in the county. We need a hospital, not another legal war.

Clarke Metcalf
Rio Communities