Letters to the editor (07/04/13)


We are acting like them
Our national legislators recently forced us to needlessly, wait for the “fiscal cliff” issue to be triaged. In their usual fashion, they also refused to deal with sequestration and, thus, subjected us to the same torture simply because of their inability to do the job they were elected to perform.
During the past legislative session, our own state legislators appeared to be attempting to emulate the Congress and disgust the citizenry by procrastinating rather then drum up the required intestinal fortitude and carry out their charge.
Legislators and the secretary of higher education with input from the Legislative Finance Committee knew for sometime that the Lottery Scholarship fund would run short unless some adjustments were made regarding the allocation of awards.
And yet, rather than accept the reality of the dilemma; our illustrious legislature decided it would be prudent as per SB 392 to delay the inevitable until the matter received further “study.” We’ve heard this before, haven’t we?  I believe the practice that is in vogue in Washington is “kicking the can down the road.”
Adoption of HB 586, a bi-partisan proposal, coupled with HB 27, I believe, would have realistically remedied solvency of the Lottery Scholarship fund. It would appear, however, that this solution was too simple and, thus, was shunned.
When, oh when, will our Legislature understand that education is one big and complex system, K-12, post-secondary and, ultimately, employment or, equally important, and, enlightened society. The day that education is treated in such a manner will be the day when intelligent decisions will be made and, the day when waste of precious and limited dollars will cease!

John Lopez
Bosque Farms

Less vacation time taken
“The Revolution is never over, the Class War is perpetual.”
The lies perpetrated by the Republican Party have no end, it seems. But the citizens and residents of Valencia County deserve the facts.
The recent accusations that President Barack Obama takes too much vacation time is baseless. Barack Obama took 131 days vacation in his first term of office; double that for two terms, the rate is 260 days in eight years.
President George “Dubya” Bush took 1,020 days of vacation time in his two terms, which factors out at four times the rate of President Obama.
President Reagan and President George H.W. Bush also exceeded the Obama vacation rate.
“If the fascist Republican Party had anything of value to offer the American voter they would not have to lie and cheat and steal to win elections.”

G.E. Nordell
Rio Communities

CCA students, staff great
I would like to thank the students and staff of the Calvary Chapel Academy for braving the brisk weather to complete a service project here at Belen Eagle Park on April 18.
The group collected 36 large bags of trash.
We admire and appreciate all your hard work and dedication to your community. You all are fine young individuals with bright futures to look forward to!

Brenda M. Gurule
Recreation Director
Thank you Los Lunas
Members of La Asociacion de la Comunidad de San Clemente would like to publicly thank the village of Los Lunas Public Works Director Rudy Archuleta and the village Director of Solid Waste Marcus Montoya for opening the village transfer station for three hours on April 27, providing San Clemente residents to place to dump trash at no charge.
Sixty-three loads, totaling almost 17 tons of trash and metal, was collected from our homes and the West Mesa on that day.

Virginia Smith
Janice Clinger

Republicans won’t give in
This is in response to Guy Glover’s letter.
Does Mr. Glover really think that a majority of the Republicans want to cave in into the Democrat way of thinking? This conservative will never, ever give into accepting killing unborn babies, gay marriages and confiscating excess money to pay for overspending.
It will never happen as long as we, Republicans, stay the course with the Christian faith.
Mr. Glover forgets when the Republicans won back-to-back elections. The Democrats did not cave in to us. The moochers and takers got the vote out better than we did.
May God bless us all.

Del Gabaldon
Grapevine, Texas

Store needs to be better
I was thrilled when one of the popular stores, of this day and age, came to Bosque Farms. Now I have to say I am disappointed in the store and the  employees.
A recent remodel has crowded the store, making it almost impossible to get around, and most of the employees are surly and rude. I wear oxygen 24/7 and I  require a little help sometimes, but the store employees do not help  with bags or holding the door.
The help that I have received is from other customers and stockers from another company.
We all need to speak out and maybe  the employees would return to being polite and helpful.

Vickie Fletcher
Bosque Farms