Letters to the editor (08/01/13)


The well has run dry
The battle to halt global warming, aka “climate change,” is over. We lost.
The Republitard fascists and the One Percent (the Oligarchy) have and continue to work hard to ensure that the trajectory of civilization is pointed toward the extinction of homo sapiens in 30 years or so. This is essentially species suicide through intentional inaction.
New Mexico is experiencing severe drought in 90 percent of the state, extreme drought in 50 percent, and exceptional drought in 4.3 percent, which makes us the eighth-worst state.
The Great Drought is obvious everywhere you look. Elephant Butte Reservoir is at its lowest level since the dam was completed in 1916. The site is built to hold two million-acre feet of water; the content at present is 223,000 acre feet, or 11 percent of capacity.
So no water is leaving Elephant Butte southward.
The farmers in Hatch Valley realize the situation, and most are planning to plant no famous Hatch chile crop this year. (Well, maybe a few with deep wells will give it a try.) And I heard that farmers in Valencia County will plant only two alfalfa crops this year, instead of three.
The available water in the Rio Grande River is far below New Mexico’s long-ago negotiated allotment, so no water is leaving New Mexico across the state line to Texas, either. Texas has already filed suit with the U.S. Supreme Court, but that is simple lawyerly due diligence (“We tried!”) if they win the case, where is any water coming from?
What is going to happen here in New Mexico?
First, Albuquerque and other towns and cities will outlaw watering of gardens and lawns and filling of swimming pools, even wading pools. I am surprised that restaurants have not already stopped serving water except by request; it will eventually happen, and they may even begin charging for water like any other beverage.
Next will probably be shutdown of car washes.
As water becomes scarcer, prices will go up, either at the grocery or convenience store or on your monthly water bill. And you better have a large bag of quarters on hand if you wash clothes at the laundromat (or apartment building equivalent).
Water is a finite resource and a commodity, and the price of each form of water could very well double in the next two years.
Need a job? Ask a Republican why they refuse to even work on the situation.
Well gone dry? Ask a Republican why they continue to prevent every solution to overcome climate change.

G.E. Nordell
Rio Communities

Studies debunk myths
A recent letter to the News-Bulletin opposed gay marriage. It’s a free country and the letter writer has every right to express whatever he feels.
But while we can all make up our own minds, discussion is more productive if we use facts instead of worn out fallacies.
The writer stated that “the welfare of the child will be in jeopardy if raised by two men or two women in a marital relationship.” Sure enough, a recent study done by Mark Regnerus at the University of Texas-Austin made the same claim. His study was widely hailed by right-wing groups. The Witherspoon Institute and the Bradley Foundation, two very conservative groups, financed the study.
Most scientific bodies debunked the study. The American Sociological Association noted that, among its flaws, the author didn’t actually study any children born or adopted into families with same-sex parents. He just interviewed people who seemed to recollect that one of their parents had a same-sex relationship, most of which had led to divorce. Regnerus did not interview the parents themselves, nor did he even find out whether the children had lived with the parent who supposedly had the same-sex relationship.
Then Regnerus compared those children to ones from stable, married, opposite-sex families. What he “proved” was that children from stable, two-parent families statistically tend to do a bit better than children from families, often single-parent, that go through upheaval.
Meanwhile, Melbourne University just released initial findings from the world’s largest study of children of same-sex parents. They found “no statistical difference between children of same-sex couples and the rest of the population on indicators including self-esteem, emotional behavior and the amount of time spent with parents. However, children of same-sex couples scored higher than the national average for overall health and family cohesion.”
Nor is there any evidence for the letter writer’s statement that “every great civilization has fallen when it embraced homosexuality from Rome to Germany.” Nazi Germany hardly “embraced homosexuality” since Hitler used his death camps to slaughter thousands of homosexuals, Gypsies and mentally handicapped people before he started murdering Jews.
And, for their “Decline of the Roman Empire” entry, Wikipedia lists dozens of theories and contributing factors, none of which involve gay marriage.

Laura Sanchez
Los Lunas

Voters are appreciated
We would like to thank the citizens of the counties that comprise the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District for exercising their right to vote during the election on May 7.
We are grateful that you elected two board members and approved the quarter mill levy. The mill levy will be used to advance our mission and to support the programs of the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District.
We would like to extend an open invitation for all to visit our current project site, the Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area. We are committed to being a board that is representative of our communities. We pledge to serve all the communities that comprise our district.
We welcome your input. Please write us at: 2600 Palmilla Road, Suite B, Los Lunas, N.M., 87031.

Joseph Moya
Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District