Letters to the editor (08/22/13)


BWVC thanks contributors
The Business Women of Valencia County wish to thank the many generous people in Valencia County who contributed to the success of our annual Senior Needs Drive held in conjunction with Senior Americans’ Month during May.
A big “thank you” goes to the Walmarts in Belen and Los Lunas for allowing us to set up at their front doors on May 4. Many shoppers that day generously donated food, household supplies and money (all of which we used to purchase more supplies!) Others made donations at various workplaces around the county. Thank you all.
Another big “thank you” goes to Sandia Self Storage for providing free use of a storage unit to hold the items as we collected them throughout the month and allowing us to use a second unit on the day we packed the baskets for the seniors. In the end, we were able to donate supplies to more than 130 seniors struggling with basic needs.
More “thank yous” to Jose Campos, director of the Valencia County Older American Program. He, Barney Carrillo and Emily Carrillo came in on their day off to help us move and unload the supplies and coordinated their delivery to those in need.
Thank you all for making Valencia County such a great place to live and work!

Susan Howard
Business Women of  Valencia County

Chamber is appreciative
The 16th annual Summerfest was, once again, a great success! And, it took a great amount of dedication and hard work to pull this off.
The Los Lunas Chamber of Commerce would like to take this opportunity to thank all the new and returning Summerfest sponsors for their support and dedication and also, the behind-the-scenes people who we couldn’t have done without, including  UNM-VC and United Health for sponsoring the Friday night movie “Avengers,” Brad Francis for sponsoring the Saturday night movie “Grease,” Valencia County News-Bulletin, Spacewalk Albuquerque, Volvo Rents.
Rio Grande Children’s Dentistry, Leigh Van Gilst , CPA, Noblin Funeral Service, New Mexico Bank and Trust, State Employees Credit Union, Benefits Plus,  PIE (Partner’s In Education), Amanda Vigil Insurance, Molzen-Corbin, Los Lunas Schools, village of Los Lunas Parks and Recreation Streets Department, Los Lunas Police Department.
Fiesta Tents, Walgreens, A&A Pumping, Graphic Arts Station, Jam Session DJ and Sound, the bands that kept up the melody, the many car show participants, the barbecue cook-off contestants and judges Dwight Tuttle, Lori Krutz and Greg Wortman Jr.
And lastly, a very big thank you the veterans who came out for the opening ceremonies and Los Lunas Mayor Robert Vialpando and Belen Mayor  Rudy Jaramillo.
Here’s a great big thank you to all!

Stephanie Flynn
Executive Director
Los Lunas Chamber of Commerce

Modern weapons are wrong
The Bible tells us not to worship false idols. In Exodus 4:5, we read: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image … Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them …”
The graven image in this example was a golden calf, but another false idol may be worshiped is Mammon, the pursuit of wealth. Our country is blessed with great wealth and it is easy to focus our lives on the collection of more and more things while forgetting the important things in life such as family and friends.
Modern technology can also become an object of veneration as it produces more and better things for us to accumulate: fancy cars, thinner televisions, iPods that bring the world into the palm of your hands.
Our government seems to be enthralled by the worship of technology: bigger bunker-busting bombs, nuclear weapons that are a thousand times more powerful than the atom bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and now we have drones that allow an operator sitting in the comfort of a command center in Virginia to target somebody on the other side of the planet.
But do these modern weapons make us better people? And do they make our nation safer and more secure?
Drones are touted as a great improvement in our military technology that allows us to fight against foes around the world without having to send in ground forces. The lesson of Vietnam, where some 58,000 Americans were killed and many more maimed in body and soul, is not to get bogged down in the land war in Asia.  Now it seems that by using drones, we can fight wars without so many of our young men and women being sacrificed to Mars, the god of war.
But there are disadvantages to waging war from the skies. Mistakes can occur that soldiers on the ground are not likely to make. Wedding parties have been bombed in Iraq and Afghanistan; Afghan shepherd children watching their flocks of goats have been annihilated; many civilians, not associated with militants, have been killed.
Drones also bring fear into the hearts of those people who lie beneath their constant surveillance. At any time, a missile can appear and wreak havoc in their midst.  Heaven-sent bombs may inspire more hatred than awe. Drones may create more enemies than they destroy.
One last quote from the Bible may be relevant here: Exodus 20:13 says: “Thou shalt not kill.”
It is good to be against the killing of unborn children in the United States. But what about the children, born and unborn, around the world who are being killed by air attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc.
And now the United States is openly declaring its support for the rebels in Syria. This means more modern weapons will be sent in our name and paid for with our tax dollars to be used against the people of that unhappy land.

Gary Werner
Los Lunas