Taylor joins Peralta council


While she doesn’t describes herself as a politician, Kori Taylor says she decided to put her name into the hat because she hopes she can make a difference.

After the Peralta Town Council unanimously voted to appointed Taylor to the board last week, she was immediately sworn into office and took her seat at the council table.

Kori Taylor New Peralta Town Councilor

Taylor, 51, was raised in Albuquerque’s North Valley. She moved to Peralta 30 years ago. Married to her husband, Rick, for five years, together they have six sons. She and her husband also have owned K-Bar Interlock in Bosque Farms since 2007.

Taylor has worked for the county assessor’s office for the past 10 years and holds the position of senior appraiser.

When Taylor heard Mayor Bryan Olguin was looking to fill a council seat, which was left open when Ginger Shoemaker resigned earlier this summer, she said it sparked her interest.

“I was here when Peralta incorporated and I thought it was exciting,” Taylor said. “And when it got started, I just never had the time to go to the meetings. But now I want to be part of it.”

Taylor said she hopes to bring another perspective to the table and hopes to work with her fellow councilors in developing Peralta.

“I want to see the growth and development of Peralta,” she said. “I want to see economic growth. I believe we can spur economic growth, but, at the same time, I still want to keep Peralta rural.

“I think we can do something out on the highway, hopefully so we won’t have to implement an increase in property taxes,” she said.

She said she’s also interested in giving her two cents about the widening project of N.M. 47. While she understands the need for the project, Taylor hopes to give her input on the median issues, saying “I understand that the farmers need access.”

Admitting that the local politics is new to her, she’s determined to make a difference.

She said she also wants the town to be proactive with Peralta Elementary School and invest a “little more” in the children of the town.

Taylor also hopes to work well with her fellow councilors, as well as Olguin, in doing what’s best for the citizens of Peralta.

“Just the few times I’ve been able to talk to Mayor Olguin, I can see he wants the best for the community,” she said. “I think they all do. All I know is that I’m going to do the best job possible.”

In a telephone interview the day after Taylor was sworn in, Olguin said he thinks she will be a valuable asset not only to the council, but to the town of Peralta.

“I like her — I like her a lot,” Olguin said. “The first time I met her was just prior to the meeting, but I had spoken to her over the phone for quite a bit, and she has some interesting ideas.”

Olguin said one of the ideas Taylor spoke about that he’s in full support of is working closer with the school.

He liked her idea of making the local bus stops safer and beautifying the areas for the children.

“She doesn’t want Peralta to become this big city,” he said. “She wants to keep it rural, and that really impressed me.”

Olguin pointed out that since Peralta first incorporated in 2007, every council member has lived on the east side of N.M. 47, until now.

“I think she might bring a little different perspective to the council,” he said. “Having worked in the assessor’s office for 10 years, she understands property taxes, mill levies and she understands how government works. I look forward to her bringing in that expertise.”

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