Thrive Wellness Center helps clients with personalized needs


“Reflexology”… “polarity balancing” … “myofacial release.”

Sometimes the words can sound a bit too New Age for some when it comes to “holistic body wellness.”

Janis Marston-News-Bulletin photo: Lorna Kadooka, owner of Thrive Wellness Center in Los Lunas, and some of the many flowers decorating the serene setting.

Instead, think of Thrive Wellness Center as a full-service body shop.

Lorna Kadooka, a licensed esthetician/make-up artist, opened Thrive Wellness in February after years of giving facials in Belen, Bosque Farms and Albuquerque.

“We wanted to be a wellness center, to offer choices in holistic body wellness,” Kadooka said of her business, where she and five other practitioners offer a variety of services to make people look and feel better.

Some of the services provided are therapeutic and scalp massage, skin and beauty enhancement, reflexology, polarity energy balancing, acupuncture, weight loss and a Transition Lifestyle program.

Health and lifestyle coaching, nutritional education, Tai Chi, yoga, community drumming, mindfulness meditation, emotional freedom (EFT) techniques and mental health counseling also are offered. There’s also permanent makeup, chemical peels, face and body waxing, lash extensions, detox foot baths and ear candling, to name a few.

“Our goal is for each client to thrive,” Kadooka says. “We design personalized packages to match a client’s wellness needs.”

The hope is to treat the roots of a client’s imbalance and to energize and harmonize all aspects of their life amid the stresses of the everyday world.

“We’re not a spa,” she explains. “In a spa, you’ll be pampered for an hour.

“This is a journey on your way toward wellness,” she said, adding clients often are sent home with homework, such as walking or proper stretching or sitting, to take care of their bodies.

For example, Kadooka says, “You come in and say you want facial. I know that you’re stressed.

“We need to address the issues leading to your stress,” she says, “so I want to get you relaxed first, then have a massage and then the facial.

“I can get you looking good but if you’re not feeling good from the inside, it won’t last.”

This is the core of how Thrive Wellness wants to bring about well-being in their clients. It is a collaborative approach, with different techniques combined to directly address whatever is needed.

Sometimes it is as simple as “just bringing calm to the body,” said NancyAnn Stealey, who does polarity energy balancing, reflexology and leads the monthly drumming circles.

Vases of bright yellow sunflowers and emerald-green bamboo brighten the quiet, mocha-colored room. The serenity inside is in stark contrast to the busy, noisy Main Street traffic outside.

Kadooka, of Japanese descent, radiates an exotic beauty as well as calmness. She could be a walking billboard for her health and wellness center.

“We want people to come in and know what’s available,” she says, mentioning several upcoming specials she hopes will do just that.

Throughout September, patrons can get three hour-long massages for $99. Another special will be medical facial and makeover for $49.

Finally, a 12-week Transition Lifestyle Class that focuses on getting off the weight-loss roller-coaster and find a correct and lasting lifestyle will begin in September.

Kadooka said the class will focus on individualized food and exercise requirements, and she will provide healthy dinners to compliment the exercises. Cost for the three-month program will be $250.

“We’re trying to get at the root of what’s causing the stress or the pain so people can take care of themselves,” Kadooka said.

“Our goal is not to have long-time clients,” she said. “We want to see them get better, then come back and have some tea with us.”

Thrive Wellness, 2240 Main St., is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday; by appointments on Saturdays and Sundays. The telephone number is 865-6728.