Letter to the editor (10/17/13)


Traffic needs to slow down
(Recently) while walking to the train, my wife and I had the misfortune of watching a very cute half-grown puppy get run over on Reinken at the bottom of the overpass.
Its hind quarters were crushed and it suffered horribly for several minutes before it died. The driver who hit it did not even hesitate, let alone stop to help.
It is true that the dog should not have been running loose, but it is also true that the driver who hit it appeared to be going at least 40 mph in a 35 mph zone, which is very common on that stretch.
We walk that route daily, and even with the protective barrier between us and the traffic, it is scary how fast people drive along there. When they reach the top of the overpass, they are going so fast that there is no time for them to react ― let alone stop ― if something is in the road on the other side, whether it be a dog, a loose basketball or a human being.
The speed limit of 35 mph is way too fast for Reinken in general. I believe it should be lowered to 25 mph the entire way between Eastside School Road and Main Street. The city council needs to act on this, and the sooner, the better.

Bob Christensen

Environmentalist scaring you
Oh, oh, apparently “VC’s High Priestess of Petroleum” has ruffled some feathers of the righteous green-energy crowd.
Heaven forbid that anyone would have an opposing opinion to their radical environmental ideology.  After all, they’re going to save the planet by banning fracking, closing down coal-fired power plants, killing off the fossil fuel industry, cutting carbon dioxide, forcing ratepayers and taxpayers to pay for expensive, unreliable wind and solar; and then our reward will be that we can all live in their world of environmental utopia.
After all of the above is banned, shut down, killed, cut and forced, what do you think your life will look like?
Need a car for transportation to and from work? Nope, can’t use fossil fuels, but you can use electric cars (called “coal-fired cars” because they need to have batteries charged by electricity made from coal-fired or gas-fired power plants). Clothes washer and dryer? Maybe, but can only be used when the government says you can use them, during off-peak hours.
Like your air-conditioning when the temperature is 104 degrees?  Nope, can’t have that, uses too much electricity ― the government will install “smart meters” on your homes and businesses to control your heating and cooling― you will not have any say in the matter.
Like your electric coffee pot to come on in the morning? Like your refrigerator and freezer for food and ice? Use your hair dryer and curling iron before work? Listen to the news on TV? Boot up your computer and iPad?
None of those things will be available to you if we rely solely on the “greenies” agenda of renewable energy.
And of course we all know that without petroleum, many of the things we take for granted, or even consider a necessity, will be gone. A partial list of  modern conveniences that most people (72 percent) do not realize are made from petroleum: baby strollers, balloons, cameras, clothing, crayons, credit cards, DVDs and CDs, foul-weather gear, furniture, luggage, pantyhose, toys, and on and on.
Still want to live in their utopian world? Still want to give up your individual freedoms provided by oil and gas?
Fracking: On July 19, CBS (a left-leaning media station) published the article called “Study Finds Fracking Chemicals Didn’t Pollute Water.” So “Haliburton loophole” or not, studies still cannot find where fracking hurts anything or anybody. The technology of fracking, which is improved upon constantly, is a boon to the industry, to our economy, and our country.  Must be very frustrating to the greenie crowd!
Subsidies and electrical generation: Which sources produce results and which simply suck up tax dollars?
Subsidies: Nuclear (21 percent), coal (10 percent), solar (8 percent), natural gas (6 percent), wind (42 percent), other (13 percent).
Electricity generation: Nuclear (20 percent), coal (45 percent), solar (produces so little doesn’t even show on chart), natural gas (25 percent), wind (2 percent), other (8 percent). (Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration.)
If you’ve been indoctrinated and lied to long enough by radical environmentalism, you might believe that petroleum, gas, and fracking is evil.  It’s the same ol’ razzle-dazzle from the greenie crowd, but it’s really just rainbows, butterflies and fairy dust.
Contrary to what Al Gore says, our world will still be here long after all of us have fought the battle of global warming and cooling.

Donna Crawford
Los Lunas

Contract is garbage
Valencia County is just getting one garbage company to do all of it, they claim, that will be cheaper. When I called the county office, they told me that they are trying to get a new contract with Waste Management that will only cost the people $16.98 a month, which sounds good.
One of my neighbors called them up and asked about the gross receipts tax. They told this person that it is a tax for Albuquerque and that the reason we are being charged it is because they come from Albuquerque to pick up the garbage from Valencia County.
So $16.98 a month, plus the gross receipts tax for Albuquerque that would make the bill higher or they are not going to charge us the gross receipts tax.
Plus, on the bill, there is a fuel/environmental charge of $17.25 I was told because of the price of gasoline. So is this going to be added to the bill as well?
So my bill had gone up from $68.47 the previous three months to $80.39 for the next three months, which I think is crazy.
The contract is supposed to be signed at the end of the year. The other companies I called have told me that it would cost them money to get their customers signed up and then they may have to stop service at the end of the year.

Joan O’Connor
Los Lunas