Citizens of the Year and Unsung Heroes Listing


Since 1995, the Valencia County News-Bulletin has been choosing a Citizen of the Year and honoring Unsung Heroes.
They’re all people who do things out of the goodness of their hearts, folks who are volunteers and are not paid for their activism.
Each year, we like to review the names of the people we’ve honored as sort of a continuing tribute.
Here’s an update of those who have been honored as Citizens of the Year and Unsung Heros:
Citizen of the Year Dolph Schlies; Unsung Heroes Jim Foley, Kevin Kronk, musical group Los Originales, Don McConnell, Jeremy Nicholas Padilla and Joanne Romero.
Citizen of the Year Edwin Berry; Unsung Heroes Luz Chavez, Glenn Oliver, John Pope, Yvonne and Richard Riley, David and Susan Sloan, Sara Storey, Janet Tooker, Diane Urtiaga and Sandy Wayne.
Citizen of the Year Ronnie Torres; Unsung Heroes Terry Baber, Mary Cate, Pam Davis, Chris Franzoy, George Hobbs, Dolores Padilla, the Herman Sanchez family and Ernie and Isabel Salazar.
Citizen of the Year Pam Etre Perez; Unsung Heroes Harvey House volunteers, Lee Henson, Desiree Hoogerhais, Henry Jaramillo, Elizabeth Mason, John McDonald and Tom and Ruth Vincent.
Citizen of the Year Charlie Peña; Unsung Heroes Ruperto Baldanado, Lupe and Willie Ferguson, Russell Griego, Vernon Honeyfield, Bill Pearman, Dorothy Raether, Dorothy Riley, Bob Sanders and Pat Torrez.
Citizen of the Year Maurine McMillan; Unsung Heroes Fred Gallegos, Wayne Gallegos, Juli Hutchins, Cortes and Mabel Kibble, Rita Gallegos Logan, Ron McDevitt, Christian Rodriguez, Boni and Eloisa Tabet and Gail Wall.
Citizen of the Year Cindy Valenzuela; Unsung Heroes Ramon Baca, Eddie Benevidez, Duane Fritz, Pete Gallegos, Veda Marrow, Mike and Kathy Mechenbier and Leo Mendoza.
Citizens of the Year Margaret Espinosa McDonald and Richard Melzer; Unsung Heroes John Michael Baca, Sharon Eastman, Bernadette Gallegos, Floyd Montoya and Carole Rowe, Corky Morrison, Pavlos Panagopoulos, Ruth Prater and Bea Sanchez.
Citizen of the Year Luz Chavez; Unsung Heroes Regina Elkins, Steven Gonzales, Pat Hoxsie, Billie Jones Sr., Marilyn Kaneshiro, Joe Padilla, Alana Robbins, L.E. Rubin, George Silva, Adele Thompson and Barbara Torres.
Citizen of the Year Cristina Jaramillo; Unsung Heroes Robert Auge, Judy Babcock, Louise Baca Ortega, Reina Barela, Lorraine Doty, Monte and Lana Fastnacht, Dale Jones, Jim Lardner, Yvonne Maushund, Marcel Reynolds and Martha Trujillo.
Citizen of the Year Lillie McNabb; Unsung Heroes Paul and Loretta Baca, Irene Dockery Wendall Doty, John Gonzales, Amador Griego, Frank Gurule, Bryan Mascareña, Sally Milavec and Gloria Sanchez.
Citizen of the Year Filomena Baca; Unsung Heroes Sylvia Aragon, DeLaHunt family, Dolores Garcia, Karen , Steve Kuenzler, Mike and Mary Merrell, Geneva Nixon, Mark Rosenblum and David Velenzuela.
Citizens of the Year George and Diana Trujeque; Unsung Heroes Bill Brown, Manuel Gallegos, Sandra Gonzales, Jackie Jaramillo, Stacey Johnston, Tone E. Padilla, Joe Saiz, Mary T. Sanchez, Lydia and Nicole Trujillo and Richard Walker.
Citizens of the Year James and Rosie Garley; Unsung Heroes Mary Andersen, Laura Avila, the Branch Coffee Shop Gang, Lisa Chavez, David Gabaldon, Therese Hidalgo, Maria Marez, Joe Marquez, Richard Tafoya and Doris Vesel.
Citizen of the Year Louis Lusero; Unsung Heroes Susan Cordova, Richard Ditrich, Jose Hernandez, Janice Knowlton, Robert Miller, Jan Pacifico, Ashley Rechkemmer, Hiltrud Ridenour, Arturo Saiz, Ronnie Tabet and Carolyn Taylor.
Citizen of the Year Molly Madden; Unsung Heroes John Dear, Tom and Pat Fritts, Eddy Gomes, John Montano, George Moscona, Lenore Pena, Scott Rhodes, Mike Silva, Cyndi Sluder and Michael Vallejos.
Citizen of the Year Matthew Aragon; Unsung Heroes Helen Abeyta, David Adame, Jon Clemons, Peggy Gutjar, David and Pamela Doster, Catherine Jojola, Madga Rundles, Daniel Silva and the Ditch Bank Bandits, Richard Chavez, Al Santistevan and Dennis Storey, Sandy Wells and Cindy Wacek.
Citizen of the Year Jim Lane; Unsung Heroes Cecilia “CeCe” Aragon and Patti Bucklew. Shirley Blackwell, Cindy Clark, Linda Erickson, Candace Johnston, Gene Kastelic, Gill Mullins, John Michael Nagy, Teresa Romero, Rebecca Romine and Jim Schnitzler.
Citizen of the Year Martin Sisneros; Unsung Heroes Baldwin G. Burr, Leona Herrell, Dubra Karnes-Padilla, Mike Moreno, David and Cynthia Moya, Casey Pena, Karin Trujillo, Richard White and the 13th Judicial District Court Free Legal Clinic.