Letters to the editor (10/31/13)


Holy estate of marriage
“If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right.”
These lyrics from an early ’70s recording, and many follow-up hits,  almost capture the mood of our day.  Perhaps this reworking comes closer, “If Loving You is Wrong, Let’s Get Everyone to Call It Right.”
The word “love” is overused to the point of being background noise.  I intend to speak only of love as we think of it in the physical/sexual context.
Most will agree that what some call love is clearly wrong. Consider the abused woman who stays with a man, risking even death, because “he loves her.” Who would want to call that kind of love right? Both need help.
What about the child whose life is so hard that the sexual advances of a relative seem like love if for no other reason than that the beatings, screaming and anger stop for a while. I hope you all agree that such a child needs help, and that it is not helpful to tell them that what is going on is right.  Calling it love doesn’t make a wrong right.
We’re sure that no one should argue these points, but who would be surprised if someone did. What shocks us any more? Nothing.
So, what about those physical/sexual relations that don’t shock us?  What’s right and what’s wrong?  What standard shall we go by since our shock meter isn’t too good anymore?
How about the Word of our Maker, the Bible, one single amazing Book?  This is important: God’s Word calls what is right eternal life in heaven, and what is wrong, sin leading to eternal death in hell.
So, what does our Maker say is right love in the physical/sexual context? Remember, this is a matter of eternal life and death, you want to get this right. The answer is the life-long love between one man and one woman as husband and wife. Everything else is sin (with few, rarely applicable exceptions).
If you heard right, you recognize that our community is full of sin and guilt. The need for God to forgive us is great. To be sure, there are false teachers who misrepresent the Bible to justify their own opinions and desires.
There are also examples in the Bible of those who rebelled, so that we might learn and not suffer their sentence. Beware. Even common reason without divine help knows that the only sure result of everyone doing what is right in their own eyes is that everyone will end up a victim.
What is right about a man and a woman as husband and wife that cannot be said otherwise? The answer, God unites them, calling them “no longer two, but one flesh.”
For those who believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior, this union is also holy, that is, pleasing to God and giving Him all glory. God so honors right love that heaven is to be understood by it as the union of Christ and His bride, the Church.
Other physical/sexual relations are devoid of these blessings, and always will be.
Brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for a great harvest in our nation.

Alan R. Coleman
Christ the King Lutheran Church

The noise will be too much
I attended (a recent) city of Belen council meeting, where the noise ordinance was discussed.
The city of Belen is embarking on revision of the noise ordinance. I submit that now is the time to address the noise pollution that will be created by the U.S. Air Force if it is allowed to conduct military flight operations at the Alexander Airport.
Currently, the Air Force flies missions over the city of Belen’s airspace at low altitudes. These include the C-130, the slow-moving, loud-sounding aircraft, and the Osprey helicopter-plane hybrids which have been prone to accidents.
These flight paths go directly over residential neighborhoods, including my house. I was in the U.S. Air Force and worked on the flight lines.  I can tell you without a doubt there is no such thing as a quiet aircraft.
The Air Force strategic plan for Belen is to best serve the interest of the military, not the best interests of the citizens of the city of Belen.  The only economic impact will be to pay for lease fees.
The noise, air and light pollution far outweigh any benefit for the citizens in Belen and Valencia County. If approved, the Air Force will create a foothold in our community that will grow in size and missions, which might include drone missions down the road.
Let me remind the citizens of Belen that it took years for our local governmental officials to establish a “quiet zone” to mitigate the train horns sounding at every railroad crossing all the time.
We are all thankful to those involved in that successful homegrown effort to rein in the behemoth railroad corporation. This pales in comparison to the overwhelming strength of the military Goliath whose ubiquitous presence is all over the world.
Once they have established their footprint, it will be hard to reverse decisions that are being made right now about Belen’s airspace. There are plenty of places to relocate that are better suited to these unsettling and invasive operations.
I believe I can speak on behalf of the majority of the citizens of Belen who do not want to invite another scenario where we as citizens will have no control over the U.S. military’s role or direction once established.
The scenario can be avoided if we use foresight instead of hindsight to preserve our quality of life.

Chris Chavez