Convicted murderer held on probation violation; hearing next week


Prosecutors say a man who murdered his girlfriend 13 years ago violated his probation and wants a judge to send him back to prison.

Gillis Mullins, 34, convicted of second-degree murder and tampering with evidence, was sentenced to 12 years in prison in July 2001 for the shooting death of his girlfriend, 18-year-old Chasity King. In June 2010, he was released from the New Mexico Department of Corrections and placed on five years supervised probation.

According to court documents, Mullins was arrested last month in Albuquerque on one count of DUI and speeding, which prosecutors say is a violation of his probation.

During a first-appearance hearing in front of District Judge Violet Otero, Mullins, through his defense attorney Greg Gaudette, denied the allegation that he violated his probation.

A criminal complaint filed in Albuquerque Metro Court alleges Mullins, who was driving a Ford pickup truck on Oct. 7, was stopped for speeding by a Bernalillo County deputy. The deputy writes in the complaint that while on Central Avenue, he saw the pickup driving between both westbound lanes.

After following Mullins onto southbound Interstate 25, he noticed the driver was speeding and was traveling between the center and outside lanes of traffic.

When stopped, the deputy smelled a "light odor" of alcohol from Mullins and saw he had red, bloodshot and watery eyes. Mullins initially denied that he had been drinking, according to the complaint, but later told the deputy he had a "few beers" about three hours earlier.

The deputy wrote in the complaint that Mullins failed several standardized field sobriety tests before he was arrested. While at the South Valley substation, Mullins informed the deputy that he was on probation for murder.

During a search of Mullin's truck, a single bottle of Corona beer was found on the passenger side of the floor board.

Assistant District Attorney Anne Keener told the judge that Mullin's blood alcohol concentration at the time of his arrest was .14, nearly twice the presumed level of intoxication of .08. She also said that the probation officer said they were surprised of the violation and that no one, including Mullin's own family members, knew he was drinking.

Keener said because Mullin's had been drinking at the time the murder was committed 13 years ago, she felt he should be held in custody because of the danger to the community.

When Mullins was sentenced in July 2001, he was ordered, upon release, to complete long-term residential substance/alcohol abuse treatment, anger management treatment and counseling, individual therapy to include dependency issues and insecure feelings with his interpersonal relationships.

Otero ordered that Mullins be held at least until Nov. 25 when she will hear a the state's motion to revoke his probation, set to expire in June 2015.

Friday's hearing was delayed several days because Mullins, who is jailed at the Metro Detention Center in Albuquerque, was sent to a Texas jail on Nov. 1, three days before he was to be arraigned on the probation violation.

Due to jail overcrowding at MDC, jail officials have been sending inmates to out-of-state facilities to comply with a court order. While MDC officials were notified on Oct. 23 that Mullins was to be transported to Valencia County for the hearing, they transported him to Texas anyway. He was brought back to the facility one day before the hearing.

On Feb. 19, 2000, Mullins shot King in the head with a high-powered rifle after an argument in their Rio Communities apartment. According to police reports, Mullins was involved in two hit-and-run accidents after he left the apartment.

After his abandoned car was found in Los Lunas, King's parents went to the couple's apartment on Damon Street in Rio Communities the next morning and found their daughter's body.

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