Letters to the editor (11/28/13)


Bikinis are not for rodeos
I want to respond to the statements C.J. Baca made in a recent issue of the News-Bulletin.
In your letter to the editor, you stated, “In so many cases, we are thanked by our contestants (barrel racers) for giving them the opportunity to step outside their box of insecurity and put on a show that is fun and exciting for everyone.”
The fact that these girls have a sense of insecurity with the idea of barrel racing in a bikini shows that these girls are being asked to overcome their natural sense of modesty in order to “put on a show that is fun and exciting for everyone.”
To say that you are thanked by your contestants for giving them this opportunity indicates that psychologically, they have been groomed for further exploitation.
Bikini’s are swim wear proper to the beach, lake or swimming pool, not a rodeo arena. It is common knowledge that western wear is the proper attire for rodeo events.
I disagree with your statement, “This event is a new twist on an old thing.” Rather, this is a very old twist. Sex sells. When you can’t make money in a moral and honest way, use sex to call attention to your product or event.
Again, the beauty of a woman’s body is used to make money and create “so much draw.” Catering to vices usually does create quite a draw.
Please don’t try to pass off bikini racing as a family affair. Events where women perform while scantily clad usually have a minimum age and ID requirement. Children are not allowed.
You state that there were more women than men at this event. I doubt that, but I will take your word for it. I applaud the men who chose not to attend. They showed respect for the dignity of these women and refused to be a part of their degradation.
I will say it again. Using the beauty of a woman’s body to make money is a form of prostitution. Is this community so desperate to make money that we will allow and support the degradation of women to make money?
Finally, you mention that next year, you “plan to involve the Breast Cancer  Foundation and hope to make a good contribution to their cause.” Why do women have to flaunt their breasts in order to make money for this cause?
Rather than bikinis, why not ask the barrel racers to wear bright pink western shirts? Now that would be classy.
Girls of all shapes and sizes could participate without having to “step outside their box of insecurity.”

Therese L. Salazar

Country music is great
As the year 2013 gradually fades into history, I look back and reflect on the changes that have come about in the past nine months.
This is an open letter to thank all of those who have helped keep traditional country music alive at the Duncan Memorial Building. If not for a loyal handful of regulars who have continued to come to the scheduled jams and potluck dinners, Southwest Country Music would cease to exist.
It is our intention to continue for as long as there are people who still appreciate what our brand of country music is.
Though country music has continued under a new facade, today’s brand is far from country.  Personally, I wish they would give it some other name, because it is not country music.
I realize I’m an old man, and proud to be. I have paid my dues and seen the changes that have come about. Inside my head are many memories that can’t be erased until I pass on too.
I know what real country music is.   I may be patting myself on the back a bit, but I earned that right by surviving all these years.
While I love people in general, I am saddened by what is happening to our world, our country and the morals we once cherished.  Occasionally, a young face will make me smile, when they acknowledge the fact that someone older might just know something they haven’t yet learned. There are a few around, and bless each and every one of you. You know who I mean.
When my time comes to pass on to a better world, I will not leave sadly.  I know there will be good music, country and otherwise, in that place, should God allow me to enter in.
And thank you Valencia County News-Bulletin for allowing me this opportunity to voice my feelings, and my thanks to all who have helped keep country music alive in it’s purest form.

Rick Muehlhausen
Los Lunas

VC Queen contest successful
I would like to thank all of the contestants in the Valencia County Fair Queen contest this year. I am very proud of all of the girls that competed this year.
This year was a very tough completion. There were so many great girls.
I strive to make this competition bigger and better every year. To all of the outgoing royalty, I really appreciate the year we had and to the new coming royalty. I am excited to the year we have to come.
I want to thank all of the contest sponsors: Old Mill, Charles Paint and Body, Sheriff’s Posse Cafe, Craig Tire, Valencia County Sheriff’s Posse, Tillery GMC, Sierra Cleaners, T & T Trailers, Performance Equine-Diana DeBlanc, Troy Rogers-Purina Feed’s, ABD Leather, Valencia Mercantile, Gene and Peggy Vallejos and Lazy Rocking J Farms-Richard.
Hope to see everyone again next year. Good luck, Lynsey.

Rebekah Johnson