Letters to the editor (01/09/14)


Grateful for the honor
In light of the recent death of my wife of 67 years, Dora Romero, I want to personally thank the VFW Post 9676 in Los Lunas for their wonderful presentation of colors for her funeral.
My family and I also want to thank Post Commander James Garley and all the other members.
There were two members who saluted me and my two grandsons. One is a tech sergeant in the Air Force and the other is a lieutenant in the Army. He brought me a beautiful wooden frame for the flag.
My wife, Dora, passed away on Oct. 14, 2013, and I miss her very much. She was a WAC in the U.S. Army. She taught school for 36 years after serving in the Army.
Randy Castillo and his wife, Cecilia, helped me with Dora in many ways, as did Charles Chavez and his wife, Lucy. Sylvia Aragon would bring Dora Holy Communion every Sunday.
I am honored to be a member of the VFW Post 9676 for the past 40 years.
I also want to thank Father Jim Marshall for his outstanding funeral service.
Dora Romero and I are very proud of being United States citizens and military veterans.
Once again, thank you to all those who helped in various ways and those I could always count on. I greatly appreciate it.

Boleslo Romero
WWII Air Force veteran
454 Bombardment Group
Los Lunas

Pearce’s votes are different
Marie Forman’s recent letter to the News-Bulletin described asking over 100 people yes-or-no questions about national issues at the Los Lunas Fourth of July celebration.
Granted, the poll was conducted by one woman, without the resources of a professional polling firm, and the sampling was relatively small. Still, many of the responses were so lopsided that they probably indicate real trends among Valencia County voters.
Forman’s experiment made me wonder whether U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce actually represents our local views. Using Project VoteSmart and other resources, I started wading through Pearce’s voting record.
Answers to three of the questions drew negative or very close responses and I could find no Pearce votes on those questions. Voters approved of the other questions by moderate to huge margins.
Asked if same-sex marriage should be legalized, 57 percent of local people said yes. Pearce, however, co-sponsored House Joint Resolution 88 outlawing same-sex marriage and forbidding states to recognize marriages that are legal elsewhere.
Sixty-nine percent of local people thought the world be a better place if women made the important decisions. Pearce voted against equal pay for women, child health insurance and contraception. Apparently he thinks that women need a firm, controlling, male hand to guide them, particularly in decisions about their own bodies.
While 78 percent of local people said the final decision on abortion should be made by the woman, Pearce frequently co-sponsors bills designed to make that decision almost impossible.
Eighty-one percent said climate change was real, and 83 percent believed that the United States is ruled by a military, industrial, political complex. Pearce, a former oil field services owner, consistently votes to hobble renewable energy and to boost profits and subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, so I suppose he considers climate change a liberal hoax.
As to whoever truly rules the United States, judging by Pearce’s votes, he wants it to be corporations.
Asked if the minimum wage should be increased, 86 percent said yes. In 2007, Pearce voted against raising the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour, although at the time, according to www.nmpolitics.net, Pearce pointed out that he had voted the previous year for a wage increase “tied to an unpopular estate tax change that Senate Democrats and Republicans had blocked and called irresponsible.”
A staggering 92 percent thought universal health care should be a basic right. Pearce apparently thinks not, since he sponsored several of the 42 GOP bills to repeal the Affordable Care Act, an exercise in time-wasting that has cost taxpayers millions.
(Recenty), the GOP’s Tea Party Caucus, of which Pearce is a member, succeeded in shutting down government and making life harder for millions of Americans.
Meanwhile, the phone lines and websites are clogged with people wanting to enroll in Obamacare.

Laura Sanchez
Los Lunas

Park and trail are great
Kudos to the Huning Family, the village of Los Lunas and the Boy Scouts”
We have a new park, “El Cerro de Los Lunas.” It is beautiful, clean, and safe. We are grateful for this local refuge for humans, wildlife and vegetation. It is a beautiful place to take a hike, have a picnic or watch the sunrise and set.
For many years, “The Hill” was off limits or ignored. But no more. Thanks to the generosity of the Huning Family,  Los Lunas has a special and unique open space park.
The  village of Los Lunas Open Space Program and the Boy Scouts are sharing the responsibility of maintaining the park. We have been to the park twice now, once hiking, once on horseback. Both times it was clean and quiet. Both times we spoke to Open Space officers as they made their rounds.
We thank you all for this treasure that enhances the quality of life for all of us.

Guy and Elisabeth Dicharry
Los Lunas