Letters to the editor (01/30/14)


Peña will be missed
Belen is losing a very good employee.
Lenore Peña is retiring. Lenore has saved the city a bunch of money as the director of risk management and she has painted over a bunch of graffiti.
She was also the fire chief and a Belen Board of Education member.
Lenore’s husband, Steve Pena, is retired from the prison system.

George Culp

Support was very helpful
I first would like to thank Joey, Natalie and all their staff at Rutilio’s Restaurant for hosting the benefit dinner for Ruth Olivas’ family and helping to make it a success.
I would also like to thank everyone who came out to support this event. Ruth succumbed to a short illness on Dec. 10, 2013. Also thanks for the large number of cards, letters, flowers, food, money, prayers, and love since Ruth’s illness. She had a gift of bringing people together even in death.
Ruth will be missed by many, including students in her fifth-grade class. Ruth was many things to many people, but being a loving mother to her two daughter’s, Nara and Divana, was her most cherished role. Her daughter’s shared their mother’s value in education.
Both of these beautiful ladies are continuing their education. Nara was studying in Spain until recently, and Divana is studying Chicano Studies and Spanish at UNM.
Ruth received the Most Influential Teacher award by her former fifth-grade student, who graduated this past spring with honors. Ruth proudly recalled that moment when telling me that she and fellow friend and educator, Maria Romero, received their awards. Maria Romero received a similar award from her former 3rd grade student.
During Ruth’s illness, she maintained her strength when completing her master’s degree when she submitted her Professional Development Dossier to her UNM professors. She admired Dr. Anne Calhoon, Dr. Richard Melzer, and Dr. Rick Meyer for their leadership in helping Ruth further her education. Ruth enjoyed research. Her intelligence was witnessed by all her peers in graduate classes.
Thank you to Desert View Elementary School administrator, Deidra Martinez, Gloria Gallegos, Karen Walter, Isabel Salazar, Maria Romero, Yvette Gonzales, Sheresa Jaramillo, Jaime Chicarelli, and many others who forwarded photos, cards, and letters to assist in creating a collage which was displayed at Rutilio’s on Saturday, December 14, 2013.
Thank you Clara and Sandy at News-Bulletin for placing information in the local paper for the fundraiser.
Memories of Ruth will never be forgotten, rest in peace my friend, God Bless your family, with much love,

Teresa Martinez
LLMS Librarian

LLFD help this resident
At about 6 a.m. this morning I walked to my driveway to pick up my newspaper and detected a strong odor of natural gas.
The odor was stronger as I walked near the gas meter. Not sure what to do or who to call, I called 911.
John (sorry I didn’t ask his last name) from the Los Lunas Fire Department arrived within a few minutes followed by a Los Lunas fire truck.
John immediately shut off my gas and called N.M. Gas. He and the crew did a thorough job of checking the house, and John stayed at our house until N.M. Gas arrived.
The problem was a simple one and the leak was soon fixed.
I retired to Los Lunas from out-of-state a few years ago and this positive experience reassures me that there are good and competent people to help in an emergency situation.
My thanks to John and others involved.

Rick Ingleman
Los Lunas

Hawkes will be missed
A lot of people are going to miss Danny Hawkes, who retired from his position as magistrate, especially a good friend that appreciates him for the good things that he did.
Enjoy your retirement Danny. All the luck in the world. May God bless you and your family

Tino Aragon

Salvation Army is thankful
The Salvation Army unit at Peralta UMC would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Adam Bruha, manager at the Walgreen’s store in Los Lunas, and also to Mr. Sojo Banjo, a manager of the Walmart in Los Lunas, for their support of the mission work of the Salvation Army.
Mr. Bruha and Mr. Banjo allowed the Salvation Army to “ring the bell” at their stores during this Thanksgiving and Christmas season. The shoppers of this community were very generous in their donations to the “red kettles,” which the Salvation Army is known for.
Through this generosity, the Salvation Army will be able to provide funds to purchase food that is distributed through the food pantry at Peralta Memorial United Methodist Church.
Thank you Mr. Bruha, Mr. Banjo and all the people who gave from their hearts. We would also like to thank all the volunteers who gave their time to “ring the bell” this season.
Pleas know that your kindness and generosity will benefit others in the Bosque Farms, Peralta and Los Lunas areas. God’s blessings to all!

Wayne Sharp
Salvation Army coordinator
Peralta Memorial United Methodist Church