Letters to the editor (02/20/14)


Abusers should be blamed
My prayers go out to the two youngsters that have been so abused by their families.
Child abuse is a growing epidemic across this state and nation. It is not acceptable behavior on any level.
Not to exclude the responsibilities that CYFD and law enforcement have to protect our children, where are the families, friends and neighbors? Is it the government’s job to protect everybody or are those who have a personal knowledge of the people and the situations just sitting on their hands?
I can’t, for a minute, believe in both the current cases that family members, friends and neighbor’s didn’t know what was going on and apparently didn’t do anything about it. Let’s get some personal responsibility back for our own actions and those of our friends and family.
We are the “first line of defense” in protecting the safety and well-being of our children, not the government.

Tom Greer

Are you scared yet?
Fellow Valencian Donna Crawford is scared, not because of the greenies but because she listens to and/or watches right-wing propaganda.
Her letter is replete with the many fascist talking points that are intended to scare, and to lay blame for the ills of America on everyone who proposes a progressive solution, i.e. actions that do not engender feudalism.
I will not rebut each lie with facts, because it has already been done repeatedly in these pages by myself and others. The lemmings of Valencia County do not listen and they do not learn, so such effort is both redundant and without effect.
But here are some climate change and energy factoids for any readers who are interested in reality:
1. Half of all non-agricultural water use in America goes to cool nuclear- and coal-fired electric power plants. This is one of the reasons for both water and electric charges being high; energy rates will be reduced as sustainable energy production comes on line.
2. Hydraulic fracking is pollution until proven safe for the environment. There has not been one actual legitimate scientific test because the polluting oil and gas industry people refuse to reveal even one ingredient of the fracking chemical soup, citing national security and it’s a secret as their magic excuse. They just stonewall and continue to pollute the aquifers.
3. Since the installation of the solar panels in my backyard five years ago, the technology has improved by two generations. The same monetary expenditure today will produce three to five times the electrical output as my hardware, for which PNM is required to pay retail rates to the producer.
4. In September, the first-ever bulk cargo ship passed through the Arctic Ocean from Vancouver, B.C., to Finland. The vessel carried 25 percent more tonnage because it was not restricted by the depth of the hundred-year-old Panama Canal, and also arrived four days faster.
The world weather is temporarily cooler (but still stormier and vastly relocated) because the glaciers of Greenland and Antarctica melted. (For Republicans: Global warming melted the glacier ice, the ice water cooled the atmosphere and sea water.)
So the Russian and Canadian governments are expanding their equivalent of the U.S. Coast Guard for security patrol and search-and-rescue work due to the expected increase in shipping and tourist traffic up there in the Northwest Passage. (A seeming positive benefit of global warming? Not if you are an Eskimo or a polar bear or a penguin.)
5. There is an industry called ‘re-insurance,’ that insures insurance companies against catastrophe. They have decided that climate change is very real and that current political policies such as climate change denial are rapidly making the situation worse.
The re-insurance folks say that there has already been a 17 percent increase in incidents costing over $1 billion dollars, and they have adjusted their rates accordingly.
Are you scared yet?
If the Republican Party had anything of value to offer the American voter, they would not need to lie and cheat and steal to win elections.

G.E. Nordell
Rio Communities

Matanza was a success
Thank you from the Hispano Chamber of Valencia County
As president of the Hispano Chamber of Valencia County, the organization that puts on the World’s Largest Matanza, I wanted to say thank you.
Thank you for attending our event and continuing to make it the largest event in Valencia County. Thank you to all those who participated in one way or another — our teams, sponsors, vendors, musicians and dozens of volunteers.
Thank you for bearing with our “growing pains” as we moved to our new home at Eagle Park in Belen. Thank you for understanding that we will never forget our birthplace — the Sheriff’s Posse Fairgrounds — but that success breeds change and we needed to move in order to grow.
Thank you for your continued support of the HCVC and its vision to help Valencia County businesses grow and prosper.
As many of you know, all proceeds help fund our chamber’s scholarship program. It’s the HCVC’s belief that an educated workforce is a more productive workforce and this helps to attract new businesses or businesses looking to relocate to Valencia County.
To that end, I’d also like to extend a hearty thank you to BNSF Railway for stepping up at the 11th hour to be our title sponsor. One week before the event, BNSF Railway gave $5,000 to help pay for expenses. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to put on the World’s Largest Matanza, so the donation means less money was spent putting on this years’ event and more money will go to fund more scholarships.
Again, thank you.

Fernando Sisneros
HCVC President

Belen businesses look good
The Belen Post Office has cleaned up their landscaping and it looks amazingly better! The sign out front is new and looks fabulous. Thank you Mr. Sampson of the USPS for heading this up and making it happen.
Hub City Furniture has a new paint job.  WOW!  It looks great!  Thank you Hub City Furniture for making your building look so very beautiful and modern.  It has done so much for the betterment of our city.
Have you noticed Noblin Funeral Home and Romero Funeral Home?  Both have made the effort to beautify their grounds and facilities. Thank you for helping make Belen look so much better.
Ray Rae’s Barbershop has a great looking sign and facility and they’ve cleaned up the area around their business.  They’ve gone a long way to making their business’s neighborhood look great, which makes Belen a better place to live.
Wells Fargo has cut down two dead trees in the front of the building and is keeping the grounds well groomed.   Albuquerque Bank in the center of the city keeps their landscaping well groomed as does the US Bank and Walgreen’s.
Subway has updated and painted their new facility … looking sharp and very inviting to the citizens of Belen.  Little Caesar’s Pizza, McDonald’s and Sonic also have well groomed grounds.
These are some of the standout places of business in Belen that I’ve noticed.  There are more and I would like to encourage all Belen business owners to make their places of business welcoming, clean and well groomed.  It’s good for business and it’s good for Belen.
Congratulations to all those who are doing such a great job.  Making Belen a better place to do business invites even more business, which is everybody’s business!

Linda Jenkins