Letters to the editor (03/20/14)


(Editor’s note: The following letters were submitted by students of Calvary Chapel Academy.)

Everyone should register, vote
I am writing this letter today to try and persuade more people to vote or get registered to vote.
Everyday there are issues that people are upset with in our communities, schools, cities and states. These issues are some that can be fixed through communities becoming more aware of what can be done by being more involved citizens.
It starts with individual people being a voice and speaking up about the problems they see occurring around them. If they would vote and be familiar about how the issues can be resolved, this can be the first step to making changes happen.
Many registered voters are no longer going to vote anymore. They should have their choices count. The age to be a registered voter is 18, and these younger voters are not being a part of their community’s decisions when they do not use their right to vote.
I feel strongly about being a productive citizen and will register to vote once I turn 18. It is our duty as American citizens to have our choices and voices count in each election.
If you are unhappy with certain taxes, bills and laws, then become informed on how to get these laws reviewed and voted on. It seems only sensible to be a registered voter to make changes happen when you are unhappy with the problems in communities and in our country itself.
If we all participate in our current democracy set up in the United States, we all can have a voice in what is taking place.

Hope Trujillo
Los Lunas

Be careful on social media
Social networking is a way that people could get on their phones and computers so that they can talk to people they don’t know and people that they do know.
Social networking is also a fun thing for everybody and for those that talk to friends that they haven’t seen in a long time.
However, social network can be very dangerous for all of the teenagers around the world.
Teenagers are the usual ones that go onto the social media more than the adults. It is very dangerous for teenagers to be “friending” people they don’t even know on the Internet.
It’s very important for girls to be safe around the Internet because they don’t really know who they are talking to.
They could find out all of your information by just looking you up on Google. Parents and teens need to be real careful when we use the Internet.

Mia Willis

LL needs a homeless shelter
I would like to discuss the possibilities of having a homeless shelter in Los Lunas.
If we had a homeless shelter, it would prevent people from freezing, starvation and hopelessness.
Homelessness is most likely caused by losing loved ones, losing your job, domestic violence, divorce, drug addiction or family problems.
There are at least 3.5 million Americans who are homeless each year. Out of that three million, one million consists of children. The families that are homeless usually have two to three children.
People come home after fighting for their country often end up homeless. After the veterans come home, they live off of unemployment because they can’t seem to find a job. They begin to fall off the role of unemployment and start to look for jobs, but no one will give them one because they think, “What can a guy that knows how to handle a gun do besides be a cop?”
When they can’t find a job, they run out of unemployment (benefits) and they end up not having support for themselves or their families. That is when veterans start to become homeless.
Veterans work hard to help protect the civilians. Then when the veterans come home, they won’t give them jobs.
I think if we could build a homeless shelter in Los Lunas, there would be less problems in the economy. I see people walking the streets everyday because they have nowhere to go, but most of the time it’s not even their fault.
We could make a change, but we choose not to because it’s not happening to us. But if it were the other way around, I’m sure one would strive to make a difference.

Harlee Garner
Los Lunas

Suicide can be prevented
Suicide is when one intentionally kills him/herself, feeling like there is no hope.
This cause is often done out of despair and hatred towards oneself or others. Suicide starts with a plan and ends in tragedy.
Though suicide is devastating, it can be prevented, even if there seems to be no hope left. Suicide can be caused from many different areas in life and can be prevented in many ways. By even just saying, “I’m here, you aren’t alone.”
Teens may be dealing with these thoughts and ideas of this tragedy, so pay attention!
Suicide is the highest killer of our teens in New Mexico. Suicide kills more teens than influenza, birth defects, cancer, AIDS, heart disease, strokes, lung disease, and pneumonia combined.
Plans of committing suicide are sometimes kept quiet. Some friends know about the teen that wants to die, and they choose not to speak up. Speaking up can save a life. Telling a parent and being there for a friend is incredibly comforting.
Ways suicide can be prevented is by the littlest of things — things you have the chance to do every moment of the day. Parents should talk to their kids, make sure they are doing okay, and check on them every day. Don’t abandon them in their time of need. Do not shut them out, do not ignore them and do not think they are over reacting.
Be there for them, talk to them and get help. The darkness may get bigger in their lives, but don’t abandon them. Ask them what the cause of their distress is, and help them work through it.
If you are dealing with this, don’t give up. Get help and don’t keep it a secret. There is hope. You’re not alone, nor do you have to face this alone. We want you here, don’t let go, and you’ll be OK.

Julianna Gorduyn

Divorce affects everyone
The rate of divorce in America is growing and tearing families apart. Children are greatly affected by divorce when they no longer have both parents together and in agreement with one another.
Divorce is something that I’ve never been personally affected by, but many of my good friends have. They are broken inside without that other parent.
People need to realize that is not just all about the mushy feelings; it’s about caring for one another.
If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life putting up with the good and bad, one shouldn’t get married to that person.
People get so caught up in the things that are not important and get married without thinking first. People are people, no one is perfect, they will mess up.
Marriage is a serious it shouldn’t be taken so lightly. Marriage is something beautiful and should be taken seriously.
Children are greatly affected by the choice their parents make. Parents and every person that don’t have children should be aware of the choices they make. Divorce hurts individual people in the family that love them.

Alysha Woollard