Letters to the editor (03/27/14)


(Editor’s note: The first three letters were submitted by students of Calvary Chapel Academy.)

Students need an education
Today in the United States there are many people who don’t care about their education. There are three top schools in America that all have gold medals, which means the teacher had prepared their students very well for college.
Some of the public school students don’t get this opportunity because their teachers are busy with other work. Therefore, many students in the United States drop out everyday, which causes many of these students to not get a good job.
The most current top three schools that have a golden medals are School of the Talented and Gifted, BASIS Tucson and Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology. These school have a golden medal because their teachers are teaching them how to manage some of their college classes.
School of the Talented and Gifted scored 58 percent higher than all of the U.S public schools. For BASIS Tucson High School of the seniors that took the SAT, were all 100 percent were ready for college. Then, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology is like BASIS high school. They were all ready for college, but unlike the Talented and Gifted high school, Gwinnett high students passed with 48 percent higher than all of the U.S. public schools.
Therefore all these students are doing everything they can to make their school a better place.
We must take advantage of our education because some of the public schools do not get all the teaching they need.
Their teachers are given bureaucratic tasks that bog them down. This is not giving the teacher enough time to teach the class the subject they’re suppose to learning. While the teacher is doing their work, the class thinks that it is time to fool around and not pay attention. From this, the kids are not learning anything, which leads some of the students to drop out.
We need to pay attention and take advantage of our education. It is so important that we take advantage of it because it will help us in the future.
Many students that don’t take their school work seriously drop out.
The total number of drop outs that happen every day are 8,300 nationwide! Even kids that are in the ninth grade drop out; 36 percent of these freshmen are not getting the education they need to get a good job.
Of those, 90 percent of people that didn’t get their high school diplomas try to apply for jobs but cannot find employment. Every year, about 3,030,000 students are dropouts. This number is too high for students to be dropping out of high school.
In conclusion, whether your school is a golden school or not, take advantage of the education that you’re getting. Any kid in other parts of the world that does not have an education would be happy to get one, even if it was just a little bit, so appreciate education.

Theresa Vallo
Los Lunas

There are other options
Abortion is a major problem. It is taking life away from God’s children. God gave them life, so who are we to take it away?
God created them for a reason. He has a plan for everyone. We think we can make an excuse for abortion like saying it is just a fetus. It is alive; therefore it is a living thing.
What if God’s plan for one of the babies was to find the cure for cancer? We would never know the cure because the baby is dead.
What if the baby was supposed to change the world in a good way? We could be killing the world’s heroes, and we don’t even know it.
We might think it’s OK because we call it something other than baby, such as fetus.
Just because it is not out in the world, doesn’t mean you can just take its chances away.
If it is going to be mentally handicapped, it can still experience life and know its parents. We don’t know who we are killing. Instead we take away their chances.
If you are a pregnant teen and you can’t take care of it, go to Care-Net. They will take care of you and your baby. They provide clothes and food.
Please give your baby a chance. You could be the mother of a champion, hero or just save a life.

Madison Hogue

Reporter got it right
I would like to say thank you to one of your reporters. I want to thank Mr. Barron Jones for investing his time into doing a report about Dressemeber.
Dressember is a small campaign to fight against human trafficking. Women stand against trafficking or slavery by wearing dresses for the month of December.
When I heard about Dressemeber, I wanted to scream it from a roof top, let the community know about it. Mr. Jones helped me by writing an amazing report, and publishing it for all of Valencia County to see.
Not only did he put in our campaign but he also did a lot more research into human trafficking.
Mr. Jones also helped this issue by bringing more attention to this cause by taking a great photo of us in action.
He wrote such a great article that when people read this, people started noticing more, asking me more questions. His article also let the older generation know that we aren’t your typical teenagers here at CCA.
We are a group of teenagers who all feel strongly about something and no matter age, we want it to be noticed.
This article made me feel that people really care about what we have to say even in such a small town.
This is a great indescribable feeling because it gives me such great hope to keep getting more attention to this important cause. Soon, we will be able to fight this cause with more and more multitudes of people as we get more attention. We may soon be able to stop human trafficking.
Thank you to Mr. Barron Jones for writing an astonishing report.

Bubba Luna

Thank you Chief Melnick
Just a few thoughts about our ex police chief.
I just returned from vacation and learned that Roy Melnick is no longer our police chief.
I want to thank him personally as he turned an undermanned and under equipped police department into a well-equipped, fully-manned  and well-trained force that any city would be proud to have.
I cannot nor do wish to divine the reason his contract was not renewed. It just was not. He reorganized the force to improve response times down to a few minutes when before the response was in excess of 20 minutes.
He recommended and promoted many officers and raised the morale of the entire force, upgraded all equipment and as far as I am concerned, deserved a contract renewal.
I wish him all the best in any new endeavor, and wish the new chief will be able to continue the good work of Chief Melnick.

James Taylor
Los Lunas