Letters to the editor (04/24/14)


NRA changed for the worse
If 60 years ago officers of a major institution argued for putting armed guards in elementary schools or that parents should hide their guns in their children’s bedrooms, those persons would have likely faced a commitment judge and been incarcerated in one of the many state institutions for the insane.
But here, we the nation, now exist in that insanity as a daily reality.
Just imagine, the loudest of those persons are obviously unable to understand the language of the Second Amendment as written. Those loudest citizens, choosing dishonestly, to only quote the last half of the sentence while ignoring the first half, the preamble.
The constitution only contains two preambles (the purpose for or the because statement), identified as “We the People, in order to establish a more perfect union …” and “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State …,” could also begin as, “Because, a well regulated Militia, being necessary for a Free State, the people’s right to bear arms shall not be infringed.”
Further, the same Founders, to further explain the need and purposes of “a well regulate militia,” followed shortly thereafter with the Militia Act of 1792, which explains the purposes and outlines the limits of state militias, always ignored by those who pretend the act’s preamble does not exist.
Personally, I have zero use for National Rifle Association as organized currently. An organization that once was a public service institution, but has become nothing more than a lobby for gun manufacturers, foreign and domestic and a well-financed political arm of the Republican Party, no longer acting in the public’s interest.
It is comical to hear some people claim the Second Amendment was written so that citizens could arm themselves in order to overthrow the government, wherein, the government becomes the enemy of freedom, in their opinion.
Nope, if you read the Militia Act of 1792, you find the language for one of the state militia’s purposes is to put down armed insurrections against the government — those same loud angry voices suggesting armed insurrection today — who also can’t read a whole sentence.
Perhaps I should not read the daily reporting of the list of the slaughter of the nation’s children online, many only infants and toddlers, killed by guns, often the guns of the parents. It is ugly!
So, how did we arrive at a national reality that armed citizens should fill the schools, churches, bars, sporting stadiums and streets? I could mention that starting 60 years ago the states started closing almost all of the insane asylums, but as Mark Twain once stated about the obvious, “…I repeat myself.”
It is time to actually publicly study and debate the daily slaughter of innocent children (and others), upheld by some loud citizen’s insurrection against intelligence and common sense and not let the NRA and the nation’s gun lobbies stop the conversation from even taking place and shame on the Republican Party as well.

Terry Mehaffey
Los Lunas

Address changes are wrong
Not too long ago, I got a letter from the village of Los Lunas telling me that my house is to be renumbered. In fact, my neighbors, who, like me, live on a side street from Los Lentes Road yet have postal addresses with Los Lentes numbers, got the same letter.
It said this was to organize addresses to better aid the village’s (first) responders, such as police, firefighters, ambulances, etc. After calming down from the realizations that my current address for the last 20 years will be changed, affecting all my documents, I arranged for  a meeting at the village offices.
I told several officials in village and also county public office about the project. None of them answered any of my questions, but instead asked me enough questions to realize what was going on.
Then, they all told me to keep them informed about the meeting. These politicians gave enough poop for me to realize that this project is a political football.
My neighbors and I met with those in charge of this project. We were told that we were the only ones who were upset as opposed to others who welcomed the change. We were told that yes, this is a minor inconvenience, but in the end, the neighborhood will be all the better for it.
As a matter of fact, we were told this was in keeping with governmental standards and regulations. The only relief we got was an extension of the deadline contained in their letter.
Now, I’m involved in changing postal address, insurance, handicap placard, driver’s license, back accounts, tribal records (I’m Native American), will, friends and relatives, utility bills, alumnus records, retirement records, health plan, etc.
I kind of think those villagers who welcome this project, and those who think this is a minor inconvenience, might be on another planet. In the end, I believe my neighbors and I, who would like to submit alternatives to the house renumbering, might be chasing our tails.
After all, it appears those officials are dead set on their scheme, which appears to be a long-overdue correction to past ineptitudes, and which appears to be a protocol to eliminate some strings to future funding. So much for public trust.
I will say one thing: Rough and tough treatment like this is likely to get our elected leaders thrown out.

Charles Wilson
Los Lunas

Help clean up our area
Many of you might remember back in April, May and in October of last year when men and women, young and old, in bright yellow “Toss No Mas” T-shirts, picking up road-side trash along El Cerro Mission Road, Van Camp Boulevard, Monterrey Road and the Manzano Expressway to Las Maravillas.
More than 350 extra-large trash bags were filled with trash from these roads. Tires, mattresses and other large stuff were also picked up. This task was not easy, but we did it people.
We want give a big “thank you” to all of you who came out to help, including Sen. Michael Sanchez, Jose Campos, with the Older Americans Program; Shawn Vandecor, with road department; the El Cerro Fire Department, Mario, who grilled some hot dogs for everyone who came to help on one of those Saturdays, the young man who stopped by and gave us several cases of water and some Gatorade, the Country Store for donating water, the various churches, Coach Saiz, from Valencia High School; Lydia, Artie G., Holly, Lloyd, the mail man, the Little League, and the men who used their trucks and trailers to haul the trash to the dump. We greatly appreciate your help.
We want to work towards a safe and clean community and to bring awareness that throwing trash and tires along the roadside brings El Cerro Mission down. It looks trashy. We need to change our bad habits to good habits.
Many people stopped by and expressed their appreciation and said they will help with this community effort the next time. Well, that next time is here. Please join us with the spring roadside trash pick up from 7:30 a.m. to noon, Saturday, April 26.
Meet at the intersection of El Cerro Mission Road and Manzano Expressway.

Ann Martinez
El Cerro Mission