Letters to the editor (07/03/14)


A diminishing dynasty
This letter, titled “A diminishing dynasty,” is based on my observation, experience and motivation to present a picture of political power and monopoly in Valencia County.
Not so very long ago, an exciting magistrate race took place in Valencia County. Candidate Gil Sanchez lost his race by 30 votes. It was demoralizing and completely unexpected, according to a News-Bulletin report.
Mr. Sanchez had held the position for more than 20 years. I believe people respected him and his decision as he displayed, for the most part, empathy and understanding toward those who came before his court. But it was a time for a change and the people made their choice.
At the same time, a much younger Sen. Sanchez was already on the scene, seemingly excited to represent his county. Simultaneously, Raymond Sanchez, once the very influential speaker of the house, continued the family tradition of service. But, he too, perished at the hands of voters.
Again, it was a time for change and his close affiliation to Manny Aragon and his many years in Santa Fe ultimately called for new leadership and vision. One might think that the Sanchez dynasty had weakened.
On the contrary, Raymond Sanchez is alive and well in Santa Fe and now a very wealthy lobbyist. After all, his veteran and very senior senator brother, who may believe actually has more power than the governor, is just a hallway away.
This arena is very closely controlled. In spite of all of this acquired power and monopoly, many in Valencia County are dissatisfied and desire change. The latest ploy by Sen. Sanchez to monopolize the judicial system in Valencia County is egregious and far-reaching.
To conclude, I have been the recipient of harsh treatment by Sen. Sanchez and have observed in the capital’s hallway admonishment to others. Perhaps his many years of service have become weary and difficult.
In any case, the family dynasty that has existed for so many years is beginning to reveal a need for change. The future of Valencia County is at stake and perhaps it is time to re-evaluate a brighter journey forward in terms of our political leadership in Valencia County and Santa Fe.

Rita M. Padilla-Gutierrez

Animals need your help
As another month has passed the Valencia County Animal Shelter still remains to capacity.
Although we have begged for help for this ever growing problem, we are still seeing high numbers of owner surrenders and strays hitting the shelter.
The shelter staff and dedicated volunteers continue to try and help these animals adjust to a different life than what they were used to. If you surrender your animals, please leave your animal’s name.
In my last letter,  I mentioned the mama dog who was left at an abandoned home with her  6-month-old yard mate and six newborn pups. We continue to see animals abandoned in their homes as their owners pack up and leave, leaving these poor souls to fend for themselves. If they’re lucky, we find them.
The shelter is now receiving many newborn kittens with no mama and needing to be bottle fed. Along with that, there are many animals coming in that clearly have not been taken care of.
You can donate any supplies, such as old towels, sheets and or blankets, treats and toys and even monetary donations.
Once again, if you have lost your animals, continue to come by the shelter daily to see if your lost pet has been picked up. The volunteers take pictures  and post them on their Facebook page.
The shelter is at 1209 N.M. 314, in Los Lunas, south of Daniel Fernandez Park. They are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday-Saturday.
We are begging you to please look into the free or low-incomes spay and neuter that the county has.  The county has received another budget to continue spay and neuter. Contact the shelter for any information.
The shelter also has other programs, including a foster program. Email Marie at BridgesToHome@gmail.com for more information.

Gail Mercer