Letters to the editor (07/10/14)


Editorial makes sense
Kent Walz, the editor of the Albuquerque Journal, wrote a calm, but sharp-stick editorial for the June 23 edition (that) everyone with (and without) a view on the relative power of government should read. His view of power abuse was even-handed and to the point; one I share, anyway.
Walz was careful to not step on the basis for the controversy, and still he managed exposure of a real issue. He obviously believes the Washington Redskins are tenaciously hanging-on to a “property” they should consider retiring from public view. However, he addressed a far more important American ideal, and sneaked a left-hook into abuse by federal government in the doing.
The U.S. Patent Office, wherein patents and trademarks are stored and regulated, has determined that the term “Redskins” is offensive.
It may be; however, that department of the U.S. government cannot strip away the rights of ownership based on finding the name of the trademark offensive to a segment of our population. If it was offensive last week because the U.S. Patent Office says so, and they can “confiscate” private property this week, we ought to be outraged.
There can well be a point where that department may refuse to grant patents, trademarks and even regulate the recording of those items because they are contrary to existing regulations. But, it simply is not their call to remove those properties from the owners because they are viewed as offensive at the United States Patent Office.
Thank you, and a tip o’ the Hatlo hat to you, Mr. Walz.

F. Guy Glover
Los Lunas

Sanchezes should be saluted
I was extremely disturbed to read the letter to the editor from Rita Padilla-Gutierrez concerning Sen. Michael Sanchez and his family.
Was this was done out of spite or contempt about a prominent family of Valencia County? I never got to know the Honorable Gil Sanchez since I have only lived in Valencia County for the last 14 years.
I had our new food service area at the Belen Senior Center named after him and we call it “Gil’s Diner” in honor of the services he provided to the senior citizens of Valencia County.
In my research, I learned that Gil Sanchez provided the meals for the first senior center in Valencia County. To degrade this man is demagoguery at its worst!
I was taught growing up in the village of Atrisco by my elders to be respectful of people who help those in need. I did not know my father’s family from Tomé, but after meeting the Honorable Judge Manuel Chavez and finding out he was my father’s first cousin and his mother was my great aunt, I believe they felt the same.
To infer that there is some kind of collusion with the Sanchez family by bringing up Manny Aragon is so farfetched that it doesn’t even pass the smell test.
Michael Sanchez and his family are way above this type of attack. Their service to this county and state are impeccable, and to even imply otherwise is without foundation.
So, I ask my fellow citizens of Valencia County to show your support to the Sanchez family for what they have accomplished and all they have done for the betterment of our county and state.
For whatever contempt Ms. Padilla-Gutierrez has towards the Sanchez family should not diminish the fact that the they have done a lot of good in their lifetimes!

Jose Campos
Bosque Farms

Reunion was wonderful
It was a festive, memorable time for all who attended the Los Lunas High School class reunion for combined classes of 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1965 recently held in Los Lunas and Isleta.
These were high school students who experienced the explosive ’60s and lived to tell all about it. We are most commonly known as the Baby Boomers.
John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Beatles, Woodstock, Chubby Checker and the Vietnam War were part of the experiences of the ’60’s historical times in their lives.
Locally, Bell’s Dairy Bar was the McDonald’s of our time. Football homecoming was a huge event in Los Lunas. A colorful parade was held down Main Street, which included a snake dance, bon fire and a dance to cap the event.
More than 150 former classmates gathered to relive old memories from high school and reflect what has happened to them for the past 50 years. It was joyous for all who attended the ceremony.
Most memories were from the good ole days as we all recaptured a part of our youth. Some classmates’ features had changed, but the enthusiasm was electric.
Several former teachers were also present as was our popular coach Nick Madrid. He alone was worth the price of admission. Nick Madrid was one of the most well respected coaches of our time.
A student from the Class of 1954, Daniel Fernandez, was a Medal of Honor Recipient. He, as others who have passed away, were memorialized during the reunion.
After an excellent dinner, those in attendance danced to the oldies but goodies music provided by DJ Max. Many new memories were lived on this magical weekend. Classmates journeyed to this event from all over the United States. It truly was fantastic.
Special acknowledgement goes to the following Los Lunas Tigers who organized the wonderful reunion:
Elizabeth Cordova Gallegos, Walter Baca, Karen Shuman White, Connie Lovato Villareal, Reuben Martin, Willie Giron, Cecilia Otero Castillo, Claire Austin Oteron, Norma Galaz Byers, Dolores Martinez Marquez, Ramona Silva Fernandez, Janice Chamberlain Grieve, Glenna Morehouse Roberts, Carla Hernandez Pena, Elizabeth Abeyta Candelaria, Cecilia Moya Gutierrez and Ralph Mirabel.
This may be the last time we see this group of former Los Lunas High School graduates from the ’60s. You will surely not be forgotten. Thanks for the memories.

Frank A. Gurule
Los Lunas High School   Class of 1963
Student Council President   1962-63

Expressway in need of help
I would like to know why our highway department has so long neglected the Manzano Expressway?
I know these are hard times, economically, but this road has been in dire need of repaving for quite some time now. It is a highly traveled road, second only to N.M. 47 in accessing Belen and Los Lunas to northern towns and cities.  Thousands of residents use this thoroughfare daily.
There are sections so bad that it is necessary to veer around holes and deteriorated sections, thereby causing dangerous conditions. Some of the bad areas are on hills and curves, furthering the dangers by obscuring the holes and crumbling pavement.
We deserve better for our tax dollars. The cold patch that is occasionally tamped into some of the holes is quickly knocked out by the heavy traffic and is pretty much wasted. Please!
I urge our highway commissioner to take a good, close look at this road, and the number of cars and trucks that travel it daily. Consider paving a section at a time, until the road is completely redone. And bless you if you do.

Rick Muehlhausen
Los Lunas