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The Valencia County News-Bulletin is published weekly at 1837 Camino del Llano, Belen, NM 87002.

Rockford M. Hayes, VP – Community Newspapers
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Letters Policy
The News-Bulletin welcomes and encourages original letters to the editor, especially on local topics and issues. Shorter letters, about 350 words, are preferred. Letters must be signed and include the writer’s address and telephone number (street address and phone number won’t be published). No letter will be published without the writer’s name. Letters may be edited for length, spelling, grammar and legal considerations, but in all cases the writer’s intent will be maintained. Political candidate endorsements or attacks will not be published; comments should concern issues only. No political comment letters will be published in the edition immediately before an election. Letters which might be deemed unsuitable for publication include those which are libelous, are essentially personal attacks, are pointless, are part of an organized letter-writing campaign or are part of a mass mailing.Qualified individuals wishing to directly reply to a News-Bulletin editorial or column are invited to contact the editor to discuss writing an op-ed piece, guest editorial or guest column.