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Noblin goes back to city for on-site crematorium

Tempers flared at Monday night's city of Belen Planning and Zoning Commission meeting as residents expressed their views over a proposed zone change that would make way for Noblin Funeral Services to add an on-site crematorium.

Jace McNabb tops at Belen Bee

Barron Jones-News-Bulletin photo: The top three spellers at the Belen Schools Spelling Bee are, from left, second-place winner Josiah Jaramillo, Jace McNabb, first place, and Tommierae McKnight, third place.

A crowd of teachers, students and parents sat entranced in Belen High School auditorium Friday as the final two students battled for the top spot at the 2013 Belen Spelling Bee.

CB overtime more than city reported

Records show the city of Belen paid thousands of dollars to cover employee wages for the privately sponsored, poorly attended, expensively priced Celebrate Belen's Country and Americana Music Festival in August.