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LLE students learn to eat right

Deborah Fox-News-Bulletin photo: Los Lunas Elementary second-graders Alex Baca, left, and Aleigha Romero, right, are learning about the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. They are enjoying the school’s fruit and veggie competition which started in mid-January.

News flash: kids like vegetables. If given a chance to try different varieties, children will eat more of them. That's been the experience at Los Lunas Elementary School, where a fruit and vegetable competition was launched mid-January.

LL Board of Ed considering new grad policy

The Los Lunas Board of Education is considering creating a new policy that would act as a safety net for graduation requirements, and hopes the New Mexico Public Education Department will accept it.

Photo could be Billy the Kid

Submitted photo: Ray John de Aragon was given this photograph, believed to be Billy the Kid, by his father, Maximo de Aragon, who was given it by his friend, Bonifacio Baca Jr. The picture was passed down through the Baca family from Saturnino Baca. It was taken in 1880.

Billy the Kid may be an outlaw to many people, but for native Los Lunas author, Ray John de Aragon, the Kid aka William H. Bonney was someone his family knew.


Garden Friend by Barbara C. Arnold

Capturing that certain something in a landscape at just the right time of day when color is imbued with fantastic hues, or that chance appearance of wildlife, that's what photographers William Pearson and Barbara C. Arnold strive to achieve.


Deborah Fox-News-Bulletin photo: Los Chavez native Jerry Glaser never thought of himself as an artist, but an art class in high school made him take art seriously.

Valencia County has its own budding Walt Disney in Jerry Glaser, a Los Lunas artist who grew up in Los Chavez.

Los Lunas expands its park system

Neighborhood parks offer opportunities to exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature. The Los Lunas Parks and Recreation and Open Space departments are dedicated to improving parks and creating enjoyable trails for residents of all ages.