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St. Patrick’s Day Balloon Rallye: Celebrating 31st annual balloon rally


People who dream of flying in a hot air balloon will get their chance at the 31st annual St. Patrick's Day Balloon Rallye in Belen this weekend. It's a smaller, less crowded hot air balloon event reminiscent of early Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

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Belen native finds her star behind the camera

(Submitted photo) The Belen Spanish Choir makes a special appearance in Kara Sach’s short film, “Milagros,” which is about a boy  who wants to dress up like the Virgin de Guadalupe for the annual parade honoring her. Needless to say, the boy’s father and the towns folk are not too happy about his choice.

"Film has the power to change lives for the better," says Belen-born Kara Baca Sachs. "I feel a need to tell stories that impact people's lives by showing them that the barriers, problems and difficulties that we all face are opportunities to grow, improve and achieve our dreams. Growing up in such a unique culture definitely informed my work and the way I see the world."

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American Buffalo population is strong thanks, in part, to local couple

Monte Fastnacht, of Bosque Farms, who, with his wife, Lana, own La Mont Wild West Buffalo and Yak, LLC, stands with Rising Thunder, a famous white buffalo, which was given the Native American name of Xilyma, a Totonac name meaning “thunder that rolls over the mountains.”

(La Historia del Rio Abajo is a regular column about Valencia County history written by members of the Valencia County Historical Society. The author of this month's column is a retired engineer from Sandia National Laboratories and vice-president of the Valencia County Historical Society. He is the author of five books on the history of New Mexico, including "Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem in the Rio Abajo," co-edited with Dr. Richard Melzer. Opinions expressed in this and all columns of La Historia del Rio Abajo are the author's only and not necessarily those of the Valencia County Historical Society or any other group or individual.)

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People and Places: AMC just may have a hit with ‘Better Call Saul’

I’ll be honest. When the AMC television network announced that “Breaking Bad&quot” creator/writer Vince Gilligan was spinning off a prequel (pre-sequel for you folks not in show business) called "Better Call Saul," I was not overtly excited.

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Meadow Lake Kids Club: NMSU Valencia County Extension providing youth development program in Meadow Lake

(NMSU photo by Jane Moorman) NMSU Valencia County Extension agent Newt McCarty helps members of the Meadow Lake Kids Club with a craft project. Children participating in the activity are, from left, Tylor Beuchene, Dylan Garcia, Janessa Garcia and, beside Newt, Lilly Garcia.

Nestled against the Manzano Mountains east of Los Lunas is one of the poorest communities in Valencia County. With 47 percent of its 4,500 residents living below poverty level, Meadow Lake is struggling to maintain its identity as a community.

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Belen, Los Lunas, UNM-VC Election Guide

Election Information Election Day: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 3 Absentee voting: To request an absentee application, stop by the Valencia County Clerk’s office, 444 Luna Ave. Los…[Read more]

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Nothing is better than being grandma

Whether it's building a tent from a couple of blankets and a sofa or sneaking them that extra cookie or two or getting that extra long hug from those tiny but strong arms, being a grandparent is one of the most amazing milestones everyone should cherish.

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