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The road to recovery

Julia M. Dendinger-News-Bulletin photo: Arik Montoya and Lacrisha Armijo, left, both 17, Rachel Martin, 16 and James Pike, 18, right, relax with free after-prom popcorn and drinks as they wait for the movie to start at the Starlight theater in Los Lunas. To give local youth something to do after the dance, the theater opens its doors to all three high schools and showed several movies for free.

(Editor's note: This is the fourth of a year-long monthly series about how alcohol and drug addiction effects the community and how those affected work to achieve a better life.)

Free Falling

Submitted photos: Skydivers Emily Cano, Steven Stoffan, Laura Stiles and Chris Wendel take flight above the Skydive New Mexico drop zone in Belen.

The sensation of flight has intrigued humans since the Greek tale of Icarus, who escaped Crete with wings made of wax that failed him when he flew too close to the sun.

A place to play, ponder and protect

Deborah Fox-News-Bulletin photo: This mountain lion is part of a new exhibit at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge visitor’s center. There are 89 species of mammals at the refuge.

Some of nature's most beautiful creatures can be seen at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, the largest wildlife refuge in New Mexico and the eighth largest refuge in the United Sates.

A piper’s pride

Ungelbah Daniel-Davila-News-Bulletin photo: Bagpiper Victor Hale plays ‘Amazing Grace’ on his highland bagpipe. The highland bagpipe originated in Scotland and is identified by its three drones.

The proud, mournful sound of a bagpipe is heard playing from a stereo in bagpiper Victor Hale's Veguita home, beneath the squawks and chirps of his and his wife Victoria's exotic birds.

Honing the horn

Brent Ruffner-News-Bulletin photo:  Valencia High School student Roman Gonzales holds his silver trumpet at his Los Lunas home. Gonzales is a member of three bands at the school and holds several awards.

A calming, cool echo of a horn can be heard in a certain Los Lunas neighborhood on any given afternoon.