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Locals 2013: Heritage


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The Chavez Family

Chavez family photo: Tibo Chavez would bring his family to the Roundhouse. Tibo, when he was lieutenant governor, has his to oldest children, Chris and Reggie, sit on his desk, while their mother, Betty, looks on.

Tibo Chavez was many things to many people — a lawyer and a lawmaker, a herbalist and a historian, an author and an agriculturalist, a politician and a public servant.

The Tondre Family

Photo courtesy of Tony Williams: Joseph and Ruth Tondre met when he was transporting mentally ill prisoners to Las Vegas, N.M. The lawman courted Ruth through love letters.

Whenever Los Lunas lawyer Tony Williams hears news about a police shooting, he thinks of his grandfather — legendary lawman Joe Tondre — and how he never fired a shot at anyone.