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Movie-making mania

Janis Marston-News-Bulletin photo: MOVIE MEMORABILIA fills one upstairs room of the Harvey House Museum in Belen as movie buffs, such as museum technician Ronnie Torres, like to show off those films shot in Valencia County, including the 17 movies shot in Belen.

Like a pebble tossed into a pond, there's a ripple effect throughout the economy whenever Hollywood comes to town. In short, making movies means money.

Spending our money

Julia M. Dendinger-News-Bulletin photo:  Valencia County Purchasing Agent Mike Vinyard double checks the details of one of the many purchase orders that comes through his office on a daily basis. No matter the amount, all purchases made with public money are scrutinized and double checked by his department.

It could be argued that spending money is as easy as tripping over a rock. You grab something from the store, order from your favorite website and get free shipping or just pay the kid next door $20 to mow the lawn.

Attracting and retaining business

Kenn Rodriguez-News-Bulletin photo:  THE LOS MORROS BUSINESS PARK in Los Lunas, which includes the Walmart Distribution Center, along with the Belen Business Park are two examples of encouraging business investment in Valencia County.

If you're a new business person, Rhona Baca-Espinoza, executive director of the Greater Belen Chamber of Commerce, and Stephanie Flynn, of the Los Lunas Chamber of Commerce, are people you want to know in Valencia County.

Grabbing for gross receipts taxes

Clara Garcia-News-Bulletin photo: Diana Cole, owner of Donut King for 13 years, has contributed her fair share of gross receipts taxes over the years as a longtime small business owner.

If you drive on public roads, depend on police and firefighters to respond in your time of need or simply expect your public library to be open, you may not worry about what pays for those services.

Riding our roads

Barron Jones-News-Bulletin photo: Most of the money needed to fix roads and streets are funded through the state, but local municipalities and the county need to come up with matching funds to help pay for the project.

Driving through Valencia County, it's almost impossible not to notice the pot holes and the faded traffic-control markings defacing many of the area's municipal streets, county roads and state highways.

Fighting the fires

Clara Garcia-News-Bulletin photo: Valencia County Fire Chief Steven Gonzales says the amount of volunteers the county depends on has decreased over the year, making the need for more career firefighters more important.

Every day, there are public servants who help save people from fires, help put out fires and they go to sites where something bad happens, such as car accidents, structure fires, heart attacks, strokes and other events that might need attendance by firefighters.