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Nativity scene under scrutiny for religious tone

(Clara Garcia-News-Bulletin photo) The Nativity scene at the Heart of Belen Plaza, placed in honor of the late Theresa Tabet and the city of Belen, has come under fire from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which says it’s unlawful for the creche scene to be on city-owned property.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has set their sights on the Nativity scene at the Heart of Belen Plaza, saying it's "unlawful" for the city to be "endorsing one religion."

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Our Lady of Belen 222nd annual Fiestas; new archbishop to visit

(Clara Garcia-News-Bulletin photos) Father Clement Niggel, the new pastor at Our Lady of Belen Catholic Church, says he’s excited to celebrate and getting to know the parishioners and members of the community.

As they have for centuries, Our Lady of Belen Catholic Church Fiestas is sure to draw a large crowd this weekend as parishioners gather to celebrate the church, the community and their faith.

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