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Belen runway expansion gets FAA approval

After years of waiting and hoping, Belen city officials announced this week that the Federal Aviation Administration has given its final approval for a new crosswind runway at the Belen Alexander Municipal Airport.

Roundup ready alfalfa

Deborah Fox-News-Bulletin photo: Genetically modified alfalfa looks identical to conventional alfalfa. Mitch Vergeer, a Los Lunas farmer, grows both conventional alfalfa and is trying the genetically altered Roundup Ready alfalfa.

(Editor's note: This the first of a series of articles about the genetically-modified alfalfa being grown across the country and right here in Valencia County.)

Vialpando, wife, in car accident

Former Los Lunas mayor Robert Vialpando and his wife, Doris, a fine arts teacher at Los Lunas High School, were in a car crash on U.S. 380 driving east to Carrizozo late last month.

Children cooking with Dr. Cleo

Deborah Fox-News-Bulletin photo: Chef Jason Diaz, from Hotel Cascada in Albuquerque, taught a group of children how to cook a tasty and healthy meal during Dr. Cleo’s Cooking Club event at Safe Site Child Development Inc. The event was coordinated by First Choice Community Healthcare in Los Lunas and Molina Healthcare in Albuquerque.

It was hot in the large kitchen at Safe Site Child Development Inc., but a group of eager children didn't seem to mind. They were participating in Dr. Cleo's Cooking Club and learning how to cook a healthy meal from chef Jason Diaz.

Test drives raises funds for VHS

Deborah Fox-News-Bulletin photo: Valencia High School seniors, from left, Giselle Garcia and Uriel Urquijo, and Renaissance Coordinator Diane Silva receive a check for $5,740 from Brad Francis for student extracurricular programs. VHS Principal Darian Jaramilo is pictured at the far right.

Test-driving spiffy new cars to raise money for local students sounds like a pretty good deal. Valencia High School scored almost $6,000 by getting nearly 300 people to take a test drive.

MRGCD raises taxes, water rates

The organization responsible for maintaining ditches and levees, as well as distributing water for irrigation throughout the valley, is raising taxes and water rates.

Birthday blessings

Clara Garcia-News-Bulletin photo: Grandma Joanne Luna, left, daughter, Lorraine Lindbloom, right, and granddaughter Gianna Lindbloom, center, all share more than a normal family bond. All three were born on July 2.

A baby girl named Gianna Ryan Lindbloom was born on Tuesday, July 2 — exactly 29 years after her mom, Lorraine, was born, and 52 years after her grandmother, Joanne, was born.