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Letters to the Editor (7/30/15)

DAV offers appreciation Editor: A great big “Thank You” to the Los Lunas Walmart shoppers who, on Friday and Saturday, July 3-4, so generously made the Disabled American Veterans Luperto…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (7/16/15)

Creating a safe space Editor: We believe our children deserve to take up space. Creating safe spaces to heal for our children who have experienced trauma and witnessed abuse is…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (7/2/15)

Is intent important? Editor: The Confederate battle flag is no longer everything it was or thought to be in 1861. It never was intended (in its origin) to represent an…[Read more]

Our View: It’s the right decision

After decades of struggle by same-sex couples, the United States Supreme Court’s historic civil rights ruling last week ensures that all Americans will be able to enjoy the rights, privileges…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (7/3/15)

The wrong decision Editor: When emergencies suddenly occur in our lives, no one is more important to us than the firefighters and paramedics who rush to our aid without hesitation….[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (6/25/15)

Veteran upset with thieves Editor: I placed an ad for a “house/shop sale” in the newspaper with the classified section, which was done precisely as your Ms. Luna and I…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (6/18/15)

Texas pride and politics Editor: Del Gabaldon, of Texas, “get’s a kick” from reading my letters (per his letter printed April 9). I used to actually be funny, even wrote…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (6/11/15)

Local roads are atrocious Editor: This is a complaint regarding the poor maintenance of the roads in Valencia County, particularly Manzano Expressway, between N.M. 47 and Rio Del Oro Loop….[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (6/4/15)

Commissioner’s behavior Editor: Recently, I attended the Valencia County Commission’s budget hearing workshop on April 29-30, which are necessary for producing a preliminary operating budget for the county, due in…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (5/28/2015)

Fundraiser was successful Editor: I want to thank the citizens of Belen for their heartwarming generosity on Friday, May 22, and Saturday, May 23, during the Luperto Garcia Unit 29,…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (5/21/15)

Reasons were ‘truly amazing’ Editor: Just after April Fools’ Day, two letters in the News-Bulletin gleefully blamed PNM’s proposed rate hikes on “radical environmentalists” and their expensive renewable energy. Actually,…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (5/14/15)

Bergdahl and Levinson Editor: Robert Bowdrie “Bowe” Bergdahl is a United States Army soldier who apparently deserted his post and was later caught and held captive by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (5/7/15)

Legislators should know facts Editor: I have read recent op-eds titled “What is Important?” and “Senate Played Games with Child Safety Legislation” in the March 26 and April 22, 2015,…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (4/30/15)

Balloon rally was great Editor: First off, congratulations on a successful balloon rally. At 11 p.m., on Thursday, March 12, I arrived in Albuquerque from Los Angeles after a 14-hour…[Read more]