Articles for the ‘Opinion’ Category

Letters to the Editor (5/28/2015)

Fundraiser was successful Editor: I want to thank the citizens of Belen for their heartwarming generosity on Friday, May 22, and Saturday, May 23, during the Luperto Garcia Unit 29,…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (5/21/15)

Reasons were ‘truly amazing’ Editor: Just after April Fools’ Day, two letters in the News-Bulletin gleefully blamed PNM’s proposed rate hikes on “radical environmentalists” and their expensive renewable energy. Actually,…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (5/14/15)

Bergdahl and Levinson Editor: Robert Bowdrie “Bowe” Bergdahl is a United States Army soldier who apparently deserted his post and was later caught and held captive by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (5/7/15)

Legislators should know facts Editor: I have read recent op-eds titled “What is Important?” and “Senate Played Games with Child Safety Legislation” in the March 26 and April 22, 2015,…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (4/30/15)

Balloon rally was great Editor: First off, congratulations on a successful balloon rally. At 11 p.m., on Thursday, March 12, I arrived in Albuquerque from Los Angeles after a 14-hour…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (4/23/15)

Not investing in our county Editor: On the back cover of Presbyterian’s current newsletter to Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) and MediCare PPO members is a prominent article by Presbyterian’s CEO…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (4/16/15)

System needs to be fixed Editor: This letter is written to endorse Dr. William Wiese’s opinion regarding mental health (Behavioral Health Care) services published in the Feb. 15 issue of…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (4/2/15)

Paying extra is worth it Editor: It is most ironic to see the global warming enthusiasts whine when it comes time to pay the piper for renewable energy portfolio requirements….[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (3/26/15)

MLK vigil was a success Editor: The Belen Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Commission just celebrated our 22nd annual candlelight vigil. The vigil is the culmination of a year…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (3/12/15)

Social promotion fails Editor: It was good news from Santa Fe recently when the Senate’s Public Affairs Committee stopped the House approved bill that called for retaining third-graders who don’t…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (3/5/15)

These contests must end Editor: Since September 2014 and through the rest of this month, more than 30 coyote killing contests will have taken place in New Mexico. Yet another…[Read more]