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Letters to the editor (08/07/14)

Aguilar should resign Editor: On Sept. 4, trash collection in the unincorporated parts of the county is set to begin, under terms of a contract approved by the county commission…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (07/31/14)

Hope for Ghana people Editor: The West African nation of Ghana ― the first African nation to achieve independence from colonial rule in 1957 ― is in the news. Unfortunately,…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (07/24/14)

Community was generous Editor: Members of the Luperto Garcia Chapter of Disabled American Veterans wish to thank all the wonderfully generous people who made our Forget-Me-Not fund drive in front…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (07/10/14)

Editorial makes sense Editor: Kent Walz, the editor of the Albuquerque Journal, wrote a calm, but sharp-stick editorial for the June 23 edition (that) everyone with (and without) a view…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (07/03/14)

A diminishing dynasty Editor: This letter, titled “A diminishing dynasty,” is based on my observation, experience and motivation to present a picture of political power and monopoly in Valencia County….[Read more]

Letters to the editor (06/26/14)

TV less irritating than politics Editor: Brace yourselves. Five months before the election, the cynical, smarmy flood of political ads has already begun, featuring Gov. Susana Martinez. Raising more than…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (06/19/14)

Employees are critical Editor: While I am not leaving the city, but remaining in another capacity, I write this letter, as former city manager because I feel it is important…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (06/12/14)

Veguita needs health care Editor: I read with an invested interest the article about the Veguita Health Clinic dated May 22. The article I felt down-played how devastating this is…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (06/05/14)

Obama did attend event Editor: It is difficult to determine whether Valencia County resident Gary Gibson (in his letter on May 29) is uninformed or just willfully misinformed, but he…[Read more]

Make your one vote count

A common refrain heard amongst voters is, “Why should I vote? It’s just one vote.” And as ballot counts climb into the tens and hundreds of thousands, it does all…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (05/22/14)

He doesn’t know candidates Editor: N.M. Rep. Miguel Garcia’s recent email to fellow democrats concerning Jim Danner and Dr. Teresa Smith de Cherif represents a disrespect to his office and…[Read more]

Congratulations graduates

It’s that time of year again when high school seniors walk across the stage to receive their diplomas — a passport really for their long-awaited journey into their future. For…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (05/15/14)

San Clemente appreciative Editor: Members of La Asociacion de la Comunidad de San Clemente would like to thank the village of Los Lunas Public Works Director Rudy Archuleta and Marcus…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (05/08/14)

RC is not without problems Editor: This letter is in response to Bill Brown’s letter in the April 17 edition of the News-Bulletin. Finally, the issue of transparency in Rio…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (05/01/14)

Safe today, healthy tomorrow Editor: Older adults have made countless contributions and sacrifices to ensure a better life for future generations. Since 1963, communities across the country have shown their…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (04/24/14)

NRA changed for the worse Editor: If 60 years ago officers of a major institution argued for putting armed guards in elementary schools or that parents should hide their guns…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (04/17/14)

[subscriber-content] Moving to a better Belen Editor: I watched, for the first time, an uncensored video of the killing of the hillside homeless man by Albuquerque police officers. It aired…[Read more]