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Letters to the editor (02/13/14)

[subscriber-content] Belen has backward thinkers Editor: For those following the request for a zone change for Mr. Noblin concerning the addition of a crematory on his property, I knew from…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (02/06/14)

[subscriber-content] Volunteers made it a success Editor: I am writing to thank the many individuals who, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s call to service, came together to offer…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (01/30/14)

[subscriber-content] Peña will be missed Editor: Belen is losing a very good employee. Lenore Peña is retiring. Lenore has saved the city a bunch of money as the director of…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (01/23/14)

[subscriber-content] Veteran’s flag went missing Editor: I’m a disabled Navy veteran, retired some 20 years now. My wife and I moved back to New Mexico 19 years ago, built our…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (01/16/14)

[subscriber-content] National Sanctity of Life Day Editor: In spite of the current laws regarding the sanctity of human life, there is still an all powerful initiative available to all God…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (01/02/14)

[subscriber-content] Proposed ordinance wrong Editor: The citizens of Valencia County need to think long and hard regarding the Valencia County commissioners and the Pain Capable Child Protection ordinance. It would…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (12/26/13)

[subscriber-content] Late-term abortions are wrong Editor: Our Supreme Court, in 1973, declared that women have a right to receive an abortion. The proposed Pain Capable Child Protection ordinance for our…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (12/05/13)

[subscriber-content] Speak up about abortion Editor: As I read the Albuquerque Journal on Nov. 14, my heart was saddened because Albuquerque rejected the ban on abortion. I had hoped this…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (11/28/13)

[subscriber-content] Bikinis are not for rodeos Editor: I want to respond to the statements C.J. Baca made in a recent issue of the News-Bulletin. In your letter to the editor,…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (11/21/13)

[subscriber-content] Recognizing Kennedy’s work Editor: The 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy will be commemorated on Nov. 22. This year has been one of reflection and…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (11/14/13)

[subscriber-content] Contests send wrong message Editor: Valencia County is again headquarters for coyote/wildlife killing contests. In the next month, two different businesses will conduct coyote killing contests. The contests promote…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (11/07/13)

[subscriber-content] Lardner family needs help Editor: Anyone who has lived in Belen for a period of time fondly remembers Tim Lardner. Tim was a special person who was always willing…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (10/31/13)

[subscriber-content] Holy estate of marriage Editor: “If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right.” These lyrics from an early ’70s recording, and many follow-up hits,  almost capture…[Read more]

Letter to the editor (10/17/13)

[subscriber-content] Traffic needs to slow down Editor: (Recently) while walking to the train, my wife and I had the misfortune of watching a very cute half-grown puppy get run over…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (10/10/13)

[subscriber-content] Rio Abajo Festival was great Editor: On Saturday, Sept. 28, my family and I attended a Belen event held annually known as Rio Abajo (Becker Street Festival). It took…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (10/03/13)

[subscriber-content] Better late than never Editor: The Peralta Senior Affairs committee members would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful people who attended the first  Senior…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (09/26/13)

[subscriber-content] Citizens support LL hospital Editor: Having read the article in the Aug. 22 issue about Commissioner Holliday casting a vote designating the mill rate fund to the Belen hospital…[Read more]