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Letters to the editor (03/30/13)

[subscriber-content] Quote was taken out of context in article Editor: This letter is in response to the article “Tomé group doesn’t want dollar stores.” I do not have anything against…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (03/27/13)

[subscriber-content]Dollar stores make an impact on community Editor: In the article titled “Tomé group doesn’t want dollar stores,” Mrs. Padilla-Gutierrez notes that there is a criticism against the people of…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (03/23/13)

[subscriber-content]Trash service should be up to the citizens Editor: Valencia County does not provide my residence with water, sewer or fuel. I have to take care of these needs on…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (03/20/13)

[subscriber-content]Go Lobos! My visit to the lady’s basketball game My name is Miranda Garcia and I am in the fifth grade at Gil Sanchez Elementary School. The reason I want…[Read more]

Deaths and funerals (03/20/13)

Melissa Christine Beck 1977-2013 Melissa Christine Beck, age 35, a resident of Los Lunas, passed away on Sunday, March 17. She was a member of the San Clemente Catholic Church….[Read more]

Letters to the editor (03/16/13)

[subscriber-content] (Editor’s note: The following letters were written by some of Gil Sanchez Elementary School fifth-graders about the upcoming Standard Based Assessment tests that students will be taking in the…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (03/13/13)

[subscriber-content] An open letter to the N.M. Legislature Editor: My name is Janelle Chavez, and I run a local animal rescue in Valencia County — Almost Home New Mexico. My…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (03/09/13)

[subscriber-content] Managers need to be more considerate Editor: Given America’s apparent penchant for violence, I have lately been alarmed by the number of people that have complained to me about…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (03/06/13)

[subscriber-content]Making a point while thanking a critic Editor: When Margaret Sanger wrote that “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to…[Read more]

Growing together

As we all anticipate the sweet smells and soft sun of spring, one community group is already getting started, hoping others will join in and participate.[subscriber-content] The Valencia Community Garden,…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (03/02/13)

[subscriber-content]Organic farmers will be feeding our grandkids Editor: This is in reply to Baxter Black’s column, “Sustainable farming? Really?” in the Feb. 2, issue of the Valencia County News-Bulletin. I…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (02/27/13)

[subscriber-content] Athletic programs are getting too many funds Editor: On several occasions, I have been critical of the emphasis placed on athletics in public schools and in post secondary institutions…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (02/23/13)

[subscriber-content] Reasons why Paris would be good name Editor: Here are 10 more reasons why we should rename Rio Communities to Paris, New Mexico: 1. The Great Seal of the…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (02/20/13)

[subscriber-content]N.M. education system need to be reformed Editor: The concept of raiding our permanent fund for early childhood education is flawed. While we can all agree that we need legitimate…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (02/16/13)

[subscriber-content]RCA flea market to return in April Editor: First of all, the Rio Communities Association thanks everyone who has supported our flea market in the past, committee, vendors and shoppers…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (2/13/13)

[subscriber-content]Don’t be an armchair quarterback — join in Editor: (This letter is regards to the letter) “Hijinks and hopes” in the Valencia County News-Bulletin on Jan. 26. I agree with…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (02/09/13)

[/subscriber-content] Gun owner supports gun reform measures Editor: I am a gun owner. I support the Second Amendment. I also support the following common sense gun reform measures: • Enact…[Read more]