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Letters to the editor (11/14/13)

[subscriber-content] Contests send wrong message Editor: Valencia County is again headquarters for coyote/wildlife killing contests. In the next month, two different businesses will conduct coyote killing contests. The contests promote…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (11/07/13)

[subscriber-content] Lardner family needs help Editor: Anyone who has lived in Belen for a period of time fondly remembers Tim Lardner. Tim was a special person who was always willing…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (10/31/13)

[subscriber-content] Holy estate of marriage Editor: “If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right.” These lyrics from an early ’70s recording, and many follow-up hits,  almost capture…[Read more]

Letter to the editor (10/17/13)

[subscriber-content] Traffic needs to slow down Editor: (Recently) while walking to the train, my wife and I had the misfortune of watching a very cute half-grown puppy get run over…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (10/10/13)

[subscriber-content] Rio Abajo Festival was great Editor: On Saturday, Sept. 28, my family and I attended a Belen event held annually known as Rio Abajo (Becker Street Festival). It took…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (10/03/13)

[subscriber-content] Better late than never Editor: The Peralta Senior Affairs committee members would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful people who attended the first  Senior…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (09/26/13)

[subscriber-content] Citizens support LL hospital Editor: Having read the article in the Aug. 22 issue about Commissioner Holliday casting a vote designating the mill rate fund to the Belen hospital…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (09/19/13)

[subscriber-content] Thanks to the community Editor: As an Adelante board member and parents of an Adelante client, we want to extend a huge thank you to the community of Belen…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (09/12/13)

[subscriber-content] Remembering when … Editor: Some believe a little slower and calmer kind of living makes the heart grow fonder and lengthens life. The social training to that end includes,…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (09/05/13)

[subscriber-content] Kind-hearted people exist Editor: On Friday, 26 July,  I was at the Subway in Belen. The young man ahead of me ordered a flat bread sandwich. After he left,…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (08/29/13)

[subscriber-content] Evaluations were flawed Editor: (This is in reference to) Dee Towndrow’s letter in the June 13 edition of the Valencia County News-Bulletin titled: “Trash Haulers Should Be Local.” I…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (08/22/13)

[subscriber-content] BWVC thanks contributors Editor: The Business Women of Valencia County wish to thank the many generous people in Valencia County who contributed to the success of our annual Senior…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (08/15/13)

[subscriber-content] Behavioral health controversy affects all of us in the state Editor: If you or a member of your family does not receive behavioral health services, you might think that…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (08/08/13)

[subscriber-content] Rodeo flier degrading Editor: I received a flier in the mail, which was an invitation to a bikini rodeo. The flier even looked evil. How degrading to women! What…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (08/01/13)

[subscriber-content] The well has run dry Editor: The battle to halt global warming, aka “climate change,” is over. We lost. The Republitard fascists and the One Percent (the Oligarchy) have…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (07/25/13)

[subscriber-content] It’s not all it’s cracked up to be Editor: A recent letter from Valencia County’s high priestess of petroleum praised hydraulic fracturing and blasted both the Environmental Protection Agency…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (07/18/13)

[subscriber-content] Rail Heritage Day successful Editor: I would like to thank the community of Belen for a wonderful Hub City Rail Heritage Day here at the Library on May 4….[Read more]

Letters to the editor (07/04/13)

[subscriber-content] We are acting like them Editor: Our national legislators recently forced us to needlessly, wait for the “fiscal cliff” issue to be triaged. In their usual fashion, they also…[Read more]