Details for NOTICE is hereby given that on May 24, 2019, Blue


NOTICE is hereby given that on May 24, 2019, Blue Buffalo, LLC., 1512 Pacheco St., D206, Santa Fe, NM 87505, and Ruby K. Salas, P.O Box 154, Bosque, NM 87006, c/o WaterBank, 610 Gold Avenue SW, Suite 111, Albuquerque, NM 87114, and the City of Santa Fe, P.O Box 909, Santa Fe, NM 87504, filed Application No. SD-09737 into RG-20516 et al., with the STATE ENGINEER for Permit to Change the Point of Diversion, Place and Purpose of Use from Surface water to Ground Water within the Rio Grande Basin, State of New Mexico. The co-applicants propose to discontinue the diversion of 13.191 acre-feet per annum, inclusive of a consumptive use of 9.2337 acre-feet per annum, from the Sabinal Lateral No. 2, with a point of diversion on the Rio Grande at the Isleta Dam Works of the MRGCD, SP-1690-3, located at a point where X=346,037 meters and Y=3,863,880 meters intersect, NAD 83, UTM Zone 13N, Isleta Pueblo Grant, located within the NE¼NE¼SW¼ of Section 24, Township 08 North, Range 02 East, NMPM, for the irrigation of 4.397 acres of land, owned by Ruby K. Salas, described as Tract 21C1, on MRGCD Map No. 114, located within Section 19, Township 04 North, Range 02 East, NMPM. The move-from land is generally located approximately 1000 feet east of the intersection of NM 346 and Windmill Rd., Bosque, Valencia County, New Mexico. The co-applicants further propose to transfer said 9.2337 acre-feet per annum of consumptive use water rights, to the City of Santa Fe's wells permitted under RG-20516 et al., consisting of 13 groundwater points of diversion comprised of the Buckman well field, all located on lands owned by and/or easements owned by the City of Santa Fe. Using UTM coordinates, NAD 83, in meters; the well locations are described as follows: RG-20516-S-5, (Buckman Well No. 1), located at a point where X=395,323, Y=3,966,286, RG-20516-S-6, (Buckman Well No. 2), located at a point where X=395,531, Y=3,965,627, RG-20516-S, (Buckman Well No. 3), located at a point where X=396,172, Y=3,965,382.5, RG-20516-S-2, (Buckman Well No. 4), located at a point where X=396,169, Y=3,964,656, RG-20516-S-3, (Buckman Well No. 5), located at a point where X=396,196, Y=3,963,991, RG-20516-S-4, (Buckman Well No. 6), located at a point where X=396,741, Y=3,964,467, RG-20516-S-7, (Buckman Well No. 7), located at a point where X=395,976, Y=3,966,139.5, RG-20516-S-8, (Buckman Well No. 8), located at a point where X=394,773, Y=3,966,031, RG-20516-S-9, (Buckman Well No. 9), located at a point where X=396,838, Y=3,965,678, RG-20516-S-10, (Buckman Well No. 10), located at a point where X=399,308, Y=3,959,708, RG-20516-S-11, (Buckman Well No. 11), located at a point where X=400,101, Y=3,957,434, RG-20516-S-12, (Buckman Well No. 12), located at a point where X=401,244, Y=3,956,264, and RG-20516-S-13, (Buckman Well No. 13), located at a point where X=402,960, Y=3,955,372. These wells are generally located 7-16 miles northwest of the intersection of State Road 599 and County Road 85, and 7-16 miles northwest of the City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico. The place of use is described as various public and private entities within Santa Fe County, New Mexico. The consumptive use water rights will be used to offset depletions on the Rio Grande resulting from pumping of groundwater authorized by State Engineer Permit No. RG-20516 et al., for domestic, municipal, industrial, commercial, city utility and any and all purposes of use related thereto or allowed by Permit RG-20516 et al., at places of use within the service area of the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County, on lands owned by numerous owners within the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County. If granted, this application will not increase the already approved diversion amount under Permit RG-20516 et al. Any person, firm or corporation or other entity having standing to file objections or protests shall do so in writing (objection must be legible, signed, and include the writer's complete name, phone number email address and mailing address). The objection to the approval of the application must be based on: (1) Impairment; if impairment, you must specifically identify your water rights; and/or (2) Public Welfare/Conservation of Water; if public welfare or conservation of water within the state of New Mexico, you must show how you will be substantially and specifically affected. The written protest must be filed, in triplicate, with the State Engineer, 5550 San Antonio Drive NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109-4127, within ten (10) days after the date of the last publication of this Notice. Facsimiles (faxes) will be accepted as a valid protest as long as the hard copy is hand-delivered or mailed and postmarked within 24-hours of the facsimile. Mailing postmark will be used to validate the 24-hour period. Protests can be faxed to the Office of the State Engineer, (505)383-4030. If no valid protest or objection is filed, the State Engineer will evaluate the application in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 72 NMSA 1978. Published in the Valencia County News-Bulletin on June 13, 20, & 27, 2019.


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