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Victor and Eloisa Pineda

At their wedding

Victor and Eloisa Pineda celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Nov. 28. They were married at the San Clemente Catholic Church in Los Lunas in 1953.

The couple has four children, Victor Pineda Jr., and his wife, Lisa, Steve Pineda, Theresa (Pineda) Gonzales and her husband, Michael Gonzales, and Norma Pineda. They have six grandchildren, Tesha Faith Pineda, Sam Pineda and his wife, Jessica, Michael Pineda and his wife, Katie, Tony Gonzales, Nicholas Romero and his wife, Francesca, and Noah Plog; and eight great-grandchildren, Alexandria and Caleb Travirca, Krysghiana and Jeremiah Pineda, Dylan and Wyatt Pineda, and Lincoln and Saleen Romero.

Victor and Eloisa met when Victor was 17 years old and Eloisa was 15. The couple married just a year after dating. Eloisa remembers asking her husband after being married two years if he would want to go their separate ways because she didn’t think she was able to have children. He told her that he married her because he loved her and if they couldn’t have children, he still wanted to be with her because he loved her.

The couple remembers walking to the Oñate theatre in Belen when they went on a date; they walked everywhere because they didn’t have a car. They were not old enough to purchase one on their own.

When they married, they had a small reception at Eloisa’s parent’s house and served finger sandwiches and cake. Eloisa remembers cooking her first dinner for Victor. She laughs and recalls the chicken was tough and she made a mistake and added chives to the Jello. They grew together and cherished many wonderful years.

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Victor and Eloisa Pineda

In a recent photo

Victor’s hobbies include hunting and fishing; and Eloisa enjoyed photography. Today, they love walking, listening to music, watching their novellas and spending time with their family. Their love and faith in God is the basis of their marriage and family. The couple raised their children in Belen and currently reside in Punta de Agua, N.M.

Victor worked in paint and body repair and later worked as a professional truck driver, hauling vehicles, produce, lumber and cattle (He said he was a “livestock relocator”). Eloisa was a homemaker and stay-at-home mom (the hardest job ever is to be at home raising your children. Her children say they were fortunate to have their mom at home waiting for them when they got home from school or just a phone call away when they needed her at school to pick them up)

Eloisa volunteered many hours at the school when her children were growing up. Later, she volunteered at the New Beginnings Christian Academy, where her grandchildren attended school. Their children remember their parents were always there for them no matter what time of day or night.

“The love they shared was overflowing, they always welcomed our friends and made everyone feel at home and part of the family. We couldn’t have asked for better parents. We are honored and blessed to celebrate their sacred marriage and love of 65 years!”

The Pinedas had a quiet dinner together with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Later this upcoming summer, they will have a small family reunion so the rest of their children and grandchildren can celebrate with them.

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