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James and Gloria Richardson

In a recent photo

Gloria Jeanne Grice and James Buford Richardson, who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Dec. 28, were high school sweethearts.

Jim’s parents were the late Buford and Harriett Richardson; Gloria’s parents were the late James L. Grice and mother, Lola Salas Grice, who lives in Albuquerque. Gloria’s parents were blessed also to celebrate 50 years of marriage as well as both sets of Gloria’s grandparents, Alvino and Elvira Baca Salas, of Bernardo, and Charlie Barm and Nannie Bell Foster Grice from Oak Grove, La.

annRichardsonthen 2 COL.jpg

James and Gloria Richardson

At their wedding

Jim’s siblings are Kathy Richardson, Gwen and husband, Tom Colwell, Judi Richardson and Harry and Elaine Sarate Richardson.

Gloria’s brother is James Alvin Grice and wife, Donna Lavonne Steele Grice.

Jim and Gloria were married in Socorro at San Miguel Parish, where they also celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Jim and Gloria have as so many others survived many trials and tribulations in their lives together, however, with their deep faith and love of God, positive attitudes, forgiveness in their hearts, Jim’s strong shoulders and Gloria’s unconditional love for their family, they have weathered many storms and traveled the winding road we all know as life.

Their family has always been the priority and light of their lives.

Their first son, James “Shane,” passed away in 2001 sadly, at 32 years of age, after suffering from an addiction, as unfortunately so many families are no stranger to. He was a very handsome and smart young man. He adored his family like no other. His presence is missed daily by his family.

They are very proud parents and grandparents, not to mention a proud military family. Jared was in the United States Marine Corps, and has earned a bachelor’s degree in business, and his wife, Amy, is active duty in the United States Air Force, stationed at DMAFB in Tucson, Ariz.

Jared and Amy have blessed them with five grandchildren.

Austin James is in the United States Air Force and currently deployed. Kros Aaron is a linguist in the United States Navy, currently serving in Monterey, Calif., with his wife, Evelina “Ella.” Ethan Hintergardt is a space operator in the United States Air Force, currently serving at Shriver AFB in Colorado. All three young men are continuing their education headed towards college degrees.

Shane Bryce is a freshman in high school and volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol. Walker Dayton is in the eighth grade and will attend NMIMI next year.

Their precious daughter, Lacie Jeanne, is a real estate investor and works in Albuquerque, however, her favorite position and title is “aunt” to her niece, nephews and younger cousins.

Jim was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease more than 30 years ago; he was implanted with a deep brain stimulation device in the early 2000s. This technology has truly been a gift from God.

Jim was a venture capitalist through his working years; he owned and operated a Texaco gas station, he built and opened the KOA in Socorro, he was an insurance agent, realtor, mortgage broker and an oil and gas land-man. He is now retired and loves to play golf.

Gloria attended NMIM&T for two years; she was a proud homemaker while her children were growing up. Gloria then attended Saint Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, where she attained her certificate in interior design.

Later on, she was a mortgage loan processor and a religious education teacher. Gloria is also the family genealogist. For most of her life, she has documented history in photos, stories, films and several books, so her family will always know their roots, or as Jared says, “Mom is the family’s glue.”

Jim and Gloria lived all over Texas for more than 20 years. They returned to New Mexico when her father was diagnosed with dementia to help her mother.

Before retiring, they owned and operated pawn shops in the Albuquerque area. Gloria continues to stay busy assisting her mother, Lola, with real estate.

They are active members of Our Lady of the Annunciation Church in Albuquerque.

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