BELEN — The Belen City Council approved its 2021-25 Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan with a unanimous vote earlier this month.

The multi-year plan contains projects worth $143,839,956, which councilors hope will be in part or total funded by legislative appropriations.

Belen City Manager Leona Vigil said during an ICIP workshop in August, the council reached a consensus for the top five 2021 projects.

They are West Aragon Road reconstruction and utilities, $1,842,000; quality-of-life improvements, $908,260; asset management plan and GIS software, $65,000; North Belen interchange, $480,000; and senior center improvements, $500,000.

The quality-of-life improvements would include city properties such as historic buildings, baseball fields, Eagle Park and the Belen Harvey House Museum.

The asset management plan has already received $65,000 and is projected to total $365,000. None of the other projects have been funded to date.

Councilor Wayne Gallegos noted the plan was needed to comply with audit findings.

At their Sept. 3 meeting, the councilors voted 4-0 to approve the plan.

The top 12 projects for 2021 also included $528,000 for a SCADA system, which is a computer system for gathering and analyzing real time data; wastewater pipeline rehabilitation for $369,000; $217,000 for infrastructure improvements for various streets; $400,000 for a sewer line extension at the Alexander Municipal Airport; $300,000 for an arsenic removal facility; $285,000 for westside flood prevention and $1.5 million for an airport parallel taxiway.

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