ALBUQUERQUE — Cervantes Food Products Inc. will move its chile sauce and salsa business next year from a 2,000-square-foot manufacturing space in Albuquerque to a custom-built, 6,000-plus square foot facility in Los Lunas. Read more

PMAA Distinguished Service Award committee chairman Steve Clark (Genesee Energy, Seattle, Wash.) announced that Benny Hodges, president and CEO of Hodges Oil Company, Inc., has won the Petroleum Marketers Association of America’s prestigious 2019 Distinguished Service Award. Read more

Being a artist isn’t about how much money you can make or even how much you can produce. It’s about bringing your vision to life — creating pottery, a painting or even papier-mâché.  Read more

Manufacturing in Valencia County is as strong as ever, according to leaders at Pro-Fab, Inc. in Bosque Farms, and Sisneros Bros. Manufacturing in Belen. Read more

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JARALES — In 1914, the Valencia Flour Mill was found by Jose D. Cordova in Jarales.  Read more

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BELEN — In 1967, CEMCO — Construction Engineering Manufacturing Company — literally changed the direction of the crusher industry.  Read more

LOS LUNAS—When local plumber Billy Ortega went into business for himself 14 years ago, he didn’t know much about owning a business but he had experience in his field, a dream and a whole lot of determination.  Read more

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BELEN—As more and more businesses and industry move into Valencia County and revitalize the area’s economy, they’ll all soon gather together to let the public know who they are and what they can offer.  Read more