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Sandee Montoya Torres is the owner of Bloom Flowers and Gifts in Los Lunas. She and her staff are constantly learning the latest techniques in flower arranging so they can always give their customers the most up-to-date flower arrangements.

1402 Main St., Ste. E

Los Lunas, N.M., 87031


Owner: Sandee Montoya Torres

Type of business: Flower and Gift Shop

How long in operation: Five years

1. What are some of the unexpected lessons you’ve learned being in business?

“One of the lessons I’ve learn running a small business that I didn’t expect is the roller coaster ride of highs and lows that you experience on a daily basis, from moments of jubilation one day, followed by moments of self-doubts the next.”

2. What advice do you have for someone starting a business?

“My advice for starting a new business is that there is no perfect formula for starting a small business. It is a learn as you go process and the wiser decisions made early on, the better chances your business has for success.”

3. What is the most enjoyable aspect of your line of work?

“I’m definitely a people person. I love working with my customers by creating something perfect for whatever occasion they are shopping for. Whether it be something from our awesome gift shop or creating something beautiful for them from our fabulous flower shop. I tell people all the time, I love my job because I get paid to shop and decorate!”

4. Who do you admire most in your industry and why?

“I have a few women friends who run successful businesses. I guess you could say I admire them. Running businesses of my own, I know how difficult it can be at times. Balancing family life and business can be tricky at times. I’m still trying to master it. These women are doing it and they make it look so easy. They know who they are!”

5. What is it about Valencia County that keeps you doing business here?

“I have lived in Valencia County most of my life. It is a very special place to me. It’s home. I know everyone here! And I’m honored to serve these people I’ve grown up with, and their family and friends.

“In addition, I’ve met a lot of new people here as well and some have become such great customers we’ve developed great relationships with them as well. Valencia County is a great community and I’m happy I’ve had the opportunity to work where I live.”

6. How have you been able to attract and maintain customers or clients?

“I’m blessed to have such a great team behind me. I think my customers love them as well. In the flower shop, my designers are trained and very talented. They attend classes all the time to learn the latest techniques in flower arranging so that we are always up to date in our flower arrangements. We do beautiful weddings, funeral, proms, homecomings and everyday arrangements.

“Our customers know when they come to my shop they are going to be satisfied knowing their flowers will be lovely, modern and affordable. We are blessed to have so many repeat customers for those important reasons.”

7. What do you do on a daily basis to make your business better?

“I do all the buying for the gift shop and it’s beautiful. We have a variety of merchandise for all occasions. We have wall crosses, candles, handbags, ponchos, wall and home décor.

“If I find something that I like and would give as a gift or hang in my home, I carry it in my shop. And the merchandise changes all the time. It’s always a good idea to stop in frequently to see all the new stuff that arrives almost daily.

“In the flower shop, we have a large cooler with arrangements ready to take home immediately. In the event you want something custom, just ask and we can usually make something just right for you within minutes.”

8. Where do you see your business in the future?

“Happily, working hard (smart), serving the people we love here in Valencia County!”

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