The Hispano Chamber of Valencia County’s board installation and community awards were announced on July 20.

Benavidez,Julie 2 COL.jpg

Julie Romero Benavídez

New HCVC president

Due to COVID-19 pandemic circumstances, the HCVC board voted to have a virtual installation of members and officers for the August 2020 - July 2021 year.

Honorable Judge John Chávez swore in new incoming President Julie Romero Benavídez, Dan Chadborn as the vice president and the remaining officers and board members.

Along with the newly/renewed board, the following community awards were presented by Fernando Sisneros. Sisneros, who is a longtime board member along with one of the co-founders of Hispano Chamber Martin Sisneros, announced this year’s awardees.

Business of the Year: Delta Dental

Non-Profit of the Year: Belén Area Food Pantry

HCVC Officer of the Year: Rita García

HCVC Board Member of the Year: Dan Aguilar

2020-21 HCVC officers

President: Julie Romero Benavídez

Vice President: Dan Chadborn

Treasurer: Jeanne Marie Luján

Secretary: Rita García

Renewing board members: Edward Archuleta, Daniel Aguilar, Vicky Baldonado, Penny Griego, Johnathan Grasser, Keisha Jaramillo, Shireen McDonald, Jerry Moya, Mike Ogas, Antonio Sedillo, Fernando Sisneros and Yvonne Tabet.

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