Jubilee Los Lunas

The Jubilee Health Committee are Anne Jones, Mike Jones, Zena Kinne, Gail Gentling, Dane Brenno and John Trestrail. Not pictured are Belina Avner, Rick Fullan, Barb Lolordo, Kristal Rennick, Iris Shmueli, Nick Blea, Jubilee developer; and Teri Montoya, Jubilee Villa director.

LOS LUNAS—The National Association of Home Builders was recently awarded Jubilee Los Lunas a national award for its community’s health and wellness efforts and staying healthy at Jubilee during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to being named in the top 50 best places to retire in the United States and the No. 1 place to retire in New Mexico by Where to Retire Magazine, the National Association of Home Builders has awarded Jubilee Los Lunas a national award for their community’s health and wellness and staying healthy at Jubilee during the pandemic.

Representing 140,000 members, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) stated, “Our judges were challenged with reviewing many quality entries and determining which projects showed innovation or stood out above others was not easy. Becoming a finalist is a great honor,” said Lisa Parrish, of NAHB.

Jubilee residents organized a team of 10 local health professionals from the community. They prepared for and established a model COVID-19 coronavirus community action plan led by John Trestrial, a forensic toxicologist; Zena Kinne, a disaster preparedness nurse; and Nick Blea, Jubilee’s developer. The written plan communicates five concerns and how to deal with each.

This health action plan outlines how to prevent infection, identify symptoms and provide care for anyone who might be affected by the virus.

“Jubilee cares about its residents and community,” said Blea. “We are using medical knowledge and years of professional experiences to assist our community during this time. Jubilee is New Mexico’s No. 1 place to retire and here at Jubilee our standards are always higher than average, especially when it comes to safety, health and prevention.”

Jubilee’s Community Health Team has an open communication with all residents and is available to help anyone in need. As part of its commitment to the health and the well-being of its community, Jubilee is closely monitoring all the information provided by health agencies in following government guidelines.

“Nothing is getting in the way of seniors enjoying their retirement and buying their new home,” said Bailey Lujan, sales manager. “I drove through the community today and saw residents outside enjoying the beautiful weather, walking their dogs and riding bikes. I felt an extra peace of mind seeing our community members disinfecting the common areas.

“We may not be hugging and shaking hands at Jubilee but we are enjoying a great game of pickle ball and our outdoor walks,” she said. “Sales have not slowed down; we have just become more creative with video design appointments, lot reservations and contract signing online. At Jubilee, our residents truly care for each other. That is what makes Jubilee such a great place to live.”

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