LOS LUNAS — For most communities, an HOA meeting seems like the last thing you would want to be involved in, but at a recent quarterly gathering, Jubilee functioned as they always do — together.

After reviewing new and old business and celebrating incredible residents, it was announced that Jubilee plans to capture all that was 2020 in a time capsule.

JubileeTimeCapsule2 2 COL.jpg

Nick Blea, owner of Jubilee Los Lunas, unveiled a time capsule during a recent HOA meeting. Residents will be able to place items in the stainless steal capsule commemorating 2020.

“2020 is a year of infamy. We want to capture this year in a time capsule to be opened at a later date,” said Nick Blea, owner of Jubilee.

The residents of Jubilee Los Lunas will fill the time capsule with memories, stories and trinkets in a stainless steel capsule that will be hermetically sealed and buried on New Year’s Eve.

“We will bury the capsule in the middle of Jubilee in front of our Villa with a celebration,” Blea said. “This year will go down in history and we want to capture all that has happened here at Jubilee. Our community has come together, helped one another and remained safe.”

The capsule will be housed in the new pavilion between the observatory and the new professional putting green. Residents of Jubilee will be able to bring their items until Dec. 31.

The guidelines for the time capsule will be released in the coming weeks.

“At Jubilee, during the pandemic that has affected all of us, we have continued to be active following the state guidelines and maintaining safe distancing,” said Teri Montoya-Chavez, Villa director. “2020 has brought a lot of division in our world. The time capsule will bring our community even closer to commemorate this historic year for future residents.

We may have been quarantined but our spirit was not stifled. Here at Jubilee we are a family and have come together to help one another.”

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