LOS LUNAS — The Los Lunas Village Council recently approved its 2019-20 base salary increase for village employees. 

What is being referred to as the Green Line Plan is a resolution that has been applied earlier this month. Village Administrator Gregory Martin explained what that would look like for employees.

Los Lunas admin entrance

“It’s essentially putting all employees at the position within the plan that gives them an increase (in pay) if there is one warranted, unless they’re making more than the plan shows already,” Martin said.

Martin also said it will vary by employee because some are well positioned within their salary range but some are behind.

The village personnel ordinance calls for a review of the employee pay and classification plan every four years. The previous plan was approved and implemented in 2015.

A compensation and classification study was conducted by Carlson and Dettman Consulting based on employee orientations, job point evaluations through employee-submitted job description questionnaires and market collection and evaluation.

Charles Carlson was able to answer questions from the council about the appeal process for employees who felt their base salary needed to be reevaluated.

“This is a very emotional process,” Carlson said. “I have found it useful once you have adopted a new policy, you give an employee who feels that maybe they weren’t treated fairly in the process an opportunity to state their case and have their case reexamined objectively.”

This plan was adopted and implemented on July 26, so employees had until Aug. 26 to file an appeal if they so choose.

“One of the things I try to urge my clients to understand is this is just a step in the process because a pay plan has to be managed going forward,” Carlson said. “Jobs are going to change and we need to have a way to not only deal with any potential inequities out of how this plan is adopted but also any future changes that may occur as well.”

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