A Los Lunas man was arrested recently over alleged threats he made on social media to the American Civil Liberties Union.

ACLU - constitutional concept

According to a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in New Mexico, Antonio Carrillo, 62, is charged with violating a federal communications code. An FBI agent working in Albuquerque said he was notified by the Albuquerque Police Department of two threatening social media posts made on June 19, so he and several officers went to Carrillo’s home in Los Lunas, where he was arrested.

According to the complaint, Carrillo verified to officers that created both posts. On Facebook, he said, “You bitches want a Physical Civil War.. I’m Game.. I’ll Bring My Farm Implements and They Will Never find your bodies. AND for Fun I’ll BURN Every ACLU office in the State.. GO TRUMP GO.!”

On Twitter, Carrillo repeated his threat to the ACLU and tagged President Donald Trump in a reference to deportation. His Twitter account has since been suspended.

While speaking with officers, Carrillo told them he hated cops and lawyers, saying, “They’re all corrupt, every damn one of them!” according to the complaint.

Carrillo’s lawyer, Joe Romero, said in an email that Carrillo has no history of violence or threats of violence.

“Mr. Carrillo suffers from and is being treated for a variety of serious mental health conditions, which appear to have contributed to this incident,” he said. “I would also note that the statements referenced in the complaint were not directed at any specific person and there is no evidence that he ever acted out on any alleged threat he made on his social media accounts.”

Romero said he did not condone the language Carrillo used in the posts but did not think it constituted a federal crime.

After a detention hearing last week, Carrillo was placed in custody of La Pasada Halfway House in Albuquerque.

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