LOS LUNAS — During homecoming week at Los Lunas High School, students from the varsity football team spent a morning reading to La Vida Felicidad’s early pre-k class.

The class is taught by Eleanor Mendoza, who is the one who reached out to Los Lunas football coach, Jeremy Maupin, to set up the visit.

“We always try to think outside of the box,” Mendoza said. “We try to think about how we can support the community.”

Mendoza contacted Maupin about bringing some players down to the learning center to spend time with the young students during their spirit week, which also coincided with the high school’s homecoming week.

“My daughter goes there, so Ms. Mendoza asked me about doing this and I liked the idea,” Maupin said.

The coach organized for 12 senior players with good standing grades to do activities with the students, such as decorating footballs, snack time and playing tag during recess.

“The football team really showed good character,” Mendoza said.

“They were all so respectful and good role models. They took the time just to speak with my students and everyone really had a good time.”

Mendoza said each of the players thanked her for having the team there that morning. She hopes this will turn into an annual event and the team will return next homecoming week.

Maupin would like to continue having visits for his team like this. He said every spring the team visits an elementary school and plays football with the students and teach them more about the game.

“We really like doing this stuff,” Maupin said. “We’re always looking for opportunities to get on into the community because the community has done so much for us.”

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