LOS LUNAS —Darian Jaramillo has been named interim principal of Los Lunas High School. 

Jaramillo has been in education for 28 years and has taught everything from kindergarten to high school. She says her love and her passion is working with high school students.

LLHS Interim Principal_Jaramillo 3 COL.jpg

Darian Jaramillo

Interim LLHS principal

Originally from Alamogordo, Jaramillo served as a principal of Alamogordo High School. She and her husband moved to Los Lunas six years ago and she went on to work as principal of Valencia High School for two years.

Jaramillo went on to become the director of secondary programs for Los Lunas Schools.

“I worked really closely with the high schools and middle schools so I’m familiar with the programs, I’m familiar with the teachers and initiatives of the district, so I’m hoping it’ll be a very smooth transition into this position,” Jaramillo said.

Her motto is “dress for success,” and said it’s important to her that the students adhere to the dress code and look professional.

“I’m excited; it’s a challenge but I want to help prepare these students for when they leave high school, whether it be by academics or soft skills,” Jaramillo said.

As far as her plans for her time as interim principal, Jaramillo wants to continue the work that the school has been doing.

“What we would really like to do is tighten up intervention time, which is called ‘Tiger Time,’” Jaramillo said. “We really want to structure that a little better and make sure we’re not wasting the students’ time.”

Jaramillo said they use that time to fill in any gaps students might have in their skills.

She said the school intends to use the extended learning time for more STEM-centered activities as well as additional time for credit recovery. The school district recently purchased Apex Learning, which is a credit recovery program that will be implemented this year, and Jaramillo hopes it will allow students to get caught up or even accelerate if they so choose.

“My husband and I have been here for six years, my daughter graduated from Los Lunas High School. We have definitely made this our home,” Jaramillo said.

Former principal Robert Abney submitted his notice of retirement in late July. When asked for a comment, Abney declined but pointed the News-Bulletin to the farewell video he had posted online.

“Hey Tigers, so you guys already know I’m not going to be back at the high school this year,” Abney said in the video. “First of all let me tell you, I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong with me, I’m not sick. It just was time for me to try to do some different things and that’s just a decision that I came to.”

Abney went on to say he’d miss the opportunities he had to talk with students, but will still be around in the community.

“So if you see me, make sure you come and say hello, OK?” Abney said in the video. “Finally, I love you all and I’m proud of the work we’ve done over the past two years. Be great, Tigers.”

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