MEADOW LAKE — The Valencia County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for help in the shooting death of a man on the east side of the county last month.

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VCSO spokesman Lt. Joseph Rowland said dispatch received a call just after 8 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 12, for a man shot in the buttocks.

“The man reported he sleeps with a hand gun, and when he sat up, it fell off the bed,” Rowland said. “He said his dog jumped down and the gun went off.”

When deputies arrived, they found Gary Lamb, 64, of Los Lunas, injured in an RV parked at 97 High Deal Road. He was transported to an Albuquerque hospital by helicopter.

When the gun was collected, deputies saw a bullet hole in the wall of the RV and forwarded the case to detectives, Rowland said.

“They found the gun was fully loaded — there were no rounds missing — and the hole in the wall was consistent with the shot coming from outside,” the lieutenant said.

The shot broke Lamb’s hip, and he died a few days later due to complications. When the bullet was recovered from his body, Rowland said it was identified as a rifle round.

“Now the investigation we are looking at is criminal. We don’t believe he was intentionally targeted. There was only one hole in the structure, so we don’t think he was the intended target,” he said. “We are currently continuing the investigation in an attempt to ID the offender.”

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call VCSO Detective Ben Lankasky at 864-4200.

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