LOS LUNAS — The Los Lunas Public Library and the Los Lunas Museum of Heritage Arts has launched two apps in response to the recent quality of life survey done in the village. 

During a staff meeting in late April at the Los Lunas Public Library, Shawna Lamb pitched the idea of creating an app that would allow people to access the event calendar and use resources the library provides.

LL - Museum Library App Shetter 2 COL.JPG

Los Lunas Library Director Cynthia Shetter shows off the new app, which provides information about the library and museum.

“I thought if we had an app for the library that’d be great, because who doesn’t love apps? Everybody uses them,” Lamb said. “We have them for everything, so I thought that if we could have that information easily ready on your phone, it would probably be a big hit.”

Library Director Cynthia Shetter developed one of the apps within a day of hearing the idea.

The apps also includes staff contacts, hours of operation, locations of events and links to the resources each entity provides, such as to the library catalogue, audio books, a language-learning site and many other resources.

“I hope it brings awareness to the library because the community doesn’t really know what we do here,” Lamb said. “If you don’t use the library regularly, people think books are obsolete because everything is online. We offer so much more for the community.”

Lamb inputs the events coming up on the calendar through the app.

“I know that the news agencies have really been liking it, and we got great feedback from the mayor and council. They like that we were addressing the community’s needs,” Shetter said. “And we’re not just doing the app, we’re making sure everything is on all of our forms of communication that’s electronic.”

In preparation for the library’s summer events, the library staff will keep the apps up-to-date with information. The museum staff will be inputting events on their app as well to continue attracting tourists and visitors.

To download the apps, visit lineupr.com/loslunas/library and lineupr.com/loslunas/museum and save the site to your home screen. For more information, call the library at 839-3850, or the museum at 352-7720.

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