PERALTA — Peralta officials are using the Bosque Farms commercial development ordinance to help them develop an overlay plan for its stretch of N.M. 47. 

The objective is to give the town a Main Street with curb appeal.

The mayor of Peralta, the council, the town’s planning and zoning commission, plus a half dozen residents were present at the joint workshop on Dec. 11.

“We’re not looking to change whatever’s on (N.M. 47) right now — whatever businesses or residents,” Mayor Bryan Olguin said. “We’re not looking to change anything, make anybody come up to a certain code, but what we want to do is plan for the future.”

“We just want to control the character of the development of the town,” said Councilor Joseph Romero.

The consensus is that it’s time for the town to create a Main Street and work to pursue funding for main street projects.

“We want your opinion,” the mayor addressed the residents. “We want your opinion on what you want.”

Peralta residents will have opportunities to share their visions for the highway at the next workshop in January.

The area in question extends along N.M. 47 but also along some of the side streets off the highway.

Town officials have been studying the zoning ordinances of Los Lunas, Silver City, Corrales, Bosque Farms and other municipalities.

There are plans to consult with the Middle Rio Grande Office of Governments as well.

Councilor Randy Smith said Bosque Farms’ commercial zoning ordinance is a good model. It’s a 13-page document available on the village’s website at

“They have really done an amazing job — it’s 13 pages. Our commercial zoning is like one page,” Smith said. “There’s 13 pages here that address adult entertainment, tattoo and body art (shops), it addresses flea markets. This is really pretty good.”

“They’ve got teeth in it and that’s what we’re talking about,” said P&Z Commissioner Vince Milavec.

PeraltaCommercial MapNM 47 2 COL.jpg

The Peralta Planning and Zoning Commission and Peralta Town Council have begun the process to update the zoning ordinance to develop new guidelines for commercial development on N.M. 47. The peach colored area of the map is commercial zoning.

The town can limit where adult entertainment businesses can go, but it cannot stop from them coming in if they find the commercial property, meet setbacks, lot size and so forth, said Steven Chavez, the town’s attorney.

The ordinance can stipulate that such businesses must be 500 feet from establishments where there are children or a church, Chavez said.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will have the authority to request additional information in the pre-application review process and be able to develop the characteristics and materials that will be required for commercial development in the commercially zoned areas of the town, Olguin said.

The process to develop the overlay plan will likely stretch for many months or more than a year, the mayor has said. For this reason, a 180-day moratorium was approved Sept. 25 to allow time for town officials to review the zoning ordinance with respect to development along the N.M. 47 corridor.

The moratorium puts on hold any applications for special use permits, site plan approvals, new signage or building permits on property along the highway. However, there is no moratorium on property sales and as long as the new business is within the current ordinance, the moratorium will not affect it, Olguin said.

The moratorium can also be extended.

The joint workshop will be held at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 8, at Town Hall, 90 A Molina Road.

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