PERALTA — The town of Peralta is working towards considering a proposed solid waste ordinance.

According to the draft, the purpose of the ordinance is to “preserve the health, safety, comfort and convenience of the inhabitants of the Town and to preserve, protect, and improve the environmental quality of the Town.”

The issue was originally brought up about three months ago because the town had received complaints about three different trash haulers going through residential streets that were not made to carry such weight.

Town officials are proposing that after the ordinance is approve, they will sign an exclusive, non-mandatory contract with a single hauler. If residents want to take their own trash to the dump, they would be allowed to. If residents would like their trash picked up weekly, they must go with the company that Peralta has signed the agreement with.

At a recent planning and zoning meeting, Peralta residents voiced their opinions on the potential new changes.

Those who were opposed said they, like many of their fellow community members, like the company they currently have. There is a concern that once the single hauler is chosen, the company might not offer they same quality of service at the same cost the residents are currently paying.

Kim Berlat used her neighborhood as an example of why the residents should choose their own haulers. She said everyone uses the same trash hauler because of their low rates and dependability.

“We have one company that comes one day a week,” Berlat said. “We are consumers, we shop for the best deal. I didn’t drum up business for this specific trash hauler, it just happened because of this beautiful phenomenon called capitalism.”

Thackeray Taylor has been a resident of Peralta since 1996, and said the trash trucks aren’t the only large trucks doing damage on the residential streets. He has witnessed trucks filled with dirt and heavy equipment use Molina Road as a cut-through to get through town.

“In my mind, if you’re going to use that as an argument for why we should get one (hauler), you have to look at the whole picture,” Taylor said to the council.

Citizens also voiced their concern about what the exclusive contract with the single hauler would look like, and how it would keep the chosen company accountable to the town if the company didn’t live up to their contract.

“I will entrust that the town of Peralta will hold them accountable.” said Town Clerk Kori Taylor. “For the town and the betterment of the community, this could be the better option. I live here. I want what’s best for our community.”

Mayor Bryan Olguin responded to some of the concerns mentioned during the meeting. He explained there would be specific language in the contract that states the company has to measure up to the town’s standards.

And if something goes wrong, for example, the company will have a performance bond that the town can cash in and look for another hauler.

Olguin also said the contract with the chosen hauler would be no longer than a five-year contract. He encouraged the residents to view the draft ordinance.

“An ordinance is a living document; it can be changed. Take a look at it and give us your thoughts,” Mayor Olguin said.

At last month’s Peralta Town Council meeting, the mayor and councilors said they would like to possibly vote on the ordinance at the next town meeting, which will be at 6 p.m., Tuesday July 23.

For more information, call Peralta Town Hall at 505-869-2050.

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